Reminder: train slipstreams can suck baby strollers onto the tracks

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well not empty as much as the kid wasn’t in it.


What’s with the music? Seems that somebody just got a new Casio synthesizer…


the ever mysterious formula for changing light bulbs comes out in local electricians
philosophy how many microsoft engineers does it take to change a light bulb…
…and does a station porter know where to alight a train etcetera


Yea, that’s really what matters to most of us, not so much the poor can of baby-wipes.

Also, I know we’re supposed to be upset and anxious, but that music.

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This one I think had more to do with the camber on the platform, so that rain runs off on to the track. The rule should be never leave a child unattended in these environments.

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the stroller more rolled then was sucked.


Yeah and very little that close to the wall on the left, even if air is circulating closer to the train. There might be a bit of a draft in line with the train though, and the angle of the stroller might have helped the draft pull it towards the train. Its no excuse for not paying attention. You should never rely solely on brakes BTW.

Or, really, most environments. Free-range parenting does not mean putting baby down to taste the train platform.

This happened just recently in Austria, a one-year-old was killed ( ,in german).

Absolutely horrifying.

Yeah, this was the standard design until quite recently (recently rebuilt ones tilt away from the tracks and have a drain in the middle of the platform to take the rain runoff).

There are a couple of detailed accident reports from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch that deal with similar accidents. One covers two cases where brakes weren’t applied and the pushchair/wheelchair ran away, but the even scarier one is where the wheelchair was braked, but the slope of the platform and the slipstream of a passing freight train were enough to drag the chair towards the track anyway.

Fortunately, in none of the three cases did anyone get killed, though in all three the passenger suffered some injury.

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I’ve never lived in a place that has freight trains zipping past a train yard, or station, or in town. I’d think in the gun totin’ wrestler watchin’ US of A we’d make a sport out of drag racing the train through town.

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