REM's Michael Stipe to Trump: "Go fuck yourselves!"

ASCAP licenses mostly. Generally for the large rallies they’d be covered by the licenses of the places they hold the events at. Campaigns for smaller locations probably have a similar deal going on and buy the ability to play their chosen bits. There’s very little standing for artists to prevent campaigns from using them in appearances and I’m sure most know this.

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Thank you…

One rendition of Snakeskin Cowboys coming up!

The big takeaway: While there are plenty of artists who are not very nice people, the particular brand of narrow-minded, hateful, little shits that characterize the Republican party are highly unlikely to produce any art that isn’t utterly mediocre.


I would suggest “Ignoreland” if I thought that Trump had the least ability to apprehend irony.

A little disingenuous to include a couple of artists who died as far back as the early 1950s (Hank Williams, Al Jolson(!)) For the modern right wing to claim the likes of Eisenhower as one of their own is almost as ludicrous as their claim to Lincoln’s legacy.


Eisenhower was economically to the left of Obama.

Weird that they forgot Dropkick Murphys in that list. It’s not that old.

Nevermind, the article is specifically about presidential candidates.

Militarily too. (Or at least he advocated far deeper reductions in military spending than Obama would ever dream of asking Congress for.)

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To be fair, Morrissey is kind of a nationalist, racist, self-involved git.

No. Dude “adopted” his underaged girlfriend so he could fuck her legally and he allegedly raped a teenaged courtney love. and he shat his pants to get out of serving his country. He’s a piece of shit. fuck him.


Lol! Go Stipey!

I don’t find “women suck” jokes to be particularly funny. Sorry.


Hey, it’s not just women who suck! It’s anyone who expresses a vaguely non-masculine character trait, like “empathy” or “self-reflection” or “hesitation to use violence” or “not choosing to fuck a bunch of underage girls.”


Except that Kim Davis is a Democrat and most successful musicians are not that different from politicians in their ego maniacal attitudes towards the common folk… just manipulate them, use them and get back on their “high horse”. JMO The list of objections was interesting, though!

You say that like they aren’t a right wing party too.


If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either dead or in jail by this time next year.

Another campaign promise broken.


In that instance she was a prop at a Mike Huckabee rally. She’s just an asshole, he’s the politician with a full time campaign manager. Do you really think using that song was HER idea?


That part, at least, is pretty awesome. They didn’t have a lot of leeway for what qualified you as a conscientious objector back then.

As far as I can tell Nugent wasn’t a conscientious objector. He certainly seems to be a supporter of the assholes who decided to get the U.S. into that war (and every war since). He was just too chickenshit to put his own life on the line to fight them.


No, not really. Given that people were going, serving and coming back seriously fucked up, it just makes him a bigger asshole in my eyes. He clearly has no problems with guns or weapons. He was just a coward who now happily supports sending young working class kids into a war zone…

If he were a conscientious objector, he could have gone to jail like Bayard Rustin did in WW2 and Muhammad Ali did during vietnam. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones, but they were high profile ones.