Renovated Brady Bunch house debuts September 9 on HGTV

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I’m not even an N’Sync fan, but I still think Lance Bass got screwed.


Next they should try renovating the Friends apartment.

Silly question, but now what? I mean, once you create a functional replica of an iconic house from a 40-year old TV show, what do you do with it?


Buffalo Bill’s basement perhaps?

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For some of us that would be a fairy tale come true!

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I’m guessing guided tours?

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Ditto. I do have some sympathy for the showrunners and Brady Bunch cast who are doing something creative, albeit a little eye-rollingly nostalgic, to honor and, let’s face it, capitalize on the pop culture history of the house (actors gotta eat too though). But the studio and the house’s sellers just straight up shafted Lance Bass. I too did not anticipate being in the position of feeling sympathy for a member of N’Sync, but 2019 gotta 2019. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I know. That was totally illegitimate from the little I know about business. Isn’t it similar to “bait & switch”?

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I’m no real-estate lawyer, but were I Bass, I’d ask one if I had standing to sue the sellers and/or studio, which leads me to wonder if there is a civil suit ongoing.

From what I remember, there was an olive branch offered (participation in the project, I think), but I’m not sure what happened after that.

ETA: Aha!

For fans who were really hoping to see Bass renovate the home, all is not lost. The star revealed that he will still be involved “in a special way” — although, it’s not producing.

“That’s what I thought,” Bass said of the reports he had signed on to produce the “Very Brady Renovation” series. "They did ask me to produce the show and then I guess that didn’t happen but I got a nice consolation prize. They gave me my own Christmas special for HGTV that we just shot.

“I definitely will be involved with the ‘Brady’ house in a special way, which we will be announcing soon, so you will see me in that house,” he teased.

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Obviously I can’t know how Bass feels about all of this, but I’d ultimately be less annoyed at losing the house to the new show than the flagrant flaunting of a signed agreement, were I in any way shape or form rich enough to buy that house on that property in the first place. Basically the seller saying, yeah, they offered us a ton more money so were going to ignore our obligation to you.

ETA: That’s good. It sounds like the studio at least made an effort to mend the damage caused by the seller. Since Bass is apparently a Brady fan and not hurting for money, I can totally see him going for that rather than miring himself in a lawsuit. Thanks for digging that up.

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Yay, America! :us: /s

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