All six Brady kids reunite at their TV home


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I’m sure glad I’m a nobody instead of a celebrity. The thought of reuniting with co-workers from decades ago… the thought of my entire career trajectory being defined by a job I had when I was first starting out… utterly chilling.


Apparently, they will have to add 2000 square feet to the existing 2500 square foot house to replicate the TV show version of the home. Perfect summation of Hollywood realism! :grin:


Lance Bass will be involved.

That’s the least they could do, after flaunting proper real estate protocol the way they did during the home sale.

BTW, Christopher Knight looks like he hasn’t aged a day.


Holy crap! I’m hoping I never run into those jerks again. My jerks, not yours, @Mongrove .


No Cousin Oliver?

I am disappoint.


Just be glad George Glass made an appearance. /s


Did Greg show up stoned AF?




As long as The Brady Generation has all the money, this is a great idea for a little tourist trap. But pretty soon, we’ll be replaced by the “Brady who” generation, and the castle will fall into disrepair. Does anybody have a TimeDrone camera?


But which generation is the “Brady Who” generation? Obviously the Boomers were the original audience, but so much of Boomer pop culture like The Brady Bunch has been introduced to GenX and Millenials through constant reruns, reunion movies, and parodies.


You think so? Hey, that would mean you’re still hip and with it!


Well, I suspect participating in a years-long shared character fantasy beloved by a wide audience probably builds a few bonds that are more significant than hating one’s cubicle mate who never files things right or the person who always steals the forklift key.

(Realizing now that sounds snarky, which wasn’t my intent.)


Anytime The Brady Bunch comes up I immediately flash to Florence Henderson in Shakes The Clown - helps keep things in perspective.


I would much rather see reunion of the cast from Hogan’s Heros.


If you want to walk around and see the inside of the Brady home, just as it was on the show, but with the 4th wall, so it feels more like a real home, then check out this website. I did 3D renderings of the home, showing views that weren’t possible on the show.


It’s actually kind of weird that they tried to duplicate the set inside the house used for an exterior shot, given that there was no connection between the two. Trying to force reality to fit a fantasy (to the point of destroying the reality).
Given that they didn’t film there, I’m wondering if this is actually the first time the cast had even been at that house…


According to McCormick, it was her first time in the actual house.


Time hasn’t touched Peter very much.