Rep. Goldman to RFK Jr.: "should I be worried about my genetics as an Ashkenazi Jew?"

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We don’t know whether it was deliberately targeted or not but there are papers out there that show the racial or ethnic differential and impact."

The junk science equivalent of “people are saying, believe me”. Show us the citations about Chinese people and Jews being less impacted or GTFO.


I dunno. . . “people are saying” he’s an asshole, and I find myself agreeing with them.

“We have confirmation!”


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“There are papers” is the same as “A lot of people say” or “A friend of mine said” I believe the rhetorical technique is called Ad Populum or bandwagon. Someone else said it so it must be true. Kennedy knows that there aren’t scientific papers that say that, or worse he read that there were on a racist website and is a sucker. Government officials shouldn’t be allowed to blatantly lie like that.


Fortunately, he isn’t a government official. If it ever looks like there’s a real chance he will be, we’ll all be there to fight it.

In the meantime, the Congresspeople should demand that the arsehole produce citations of the peer-reviewed papers backing up his statement within 24 hours, and invite him back for a follow-up chat when he can’t.


Similarly: the virus started in China, near a lab funded by Americans, so some say the Americans caused it. Or, the scientists are the ones who warned about coming pandemics, which some say is evidence they planned it. Or, many people died under doctors’ care, which is evidence that medical care did more harm than good. All evidence that we have is that everything I said is untrue, can lead uninformed people to not seek care, to fight against scientists and doctors, and to make the next pandemic worse. If you’re in any sort of a position of authority, maybe don’t say things that make world worse, or things that would encourage the unbalanced to attack other people. And if you’re going to say that sort of thing, it disqualifies you from the “most powerful person on the planet” gig.


This. The moment he uttered that BS, he should have been asked to STFU and GTFO.


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