Rep. Ken Buck mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene over her CrossFit education (audio)

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let them fight fighting GIF

I guess…


No kidding. I mean, he’s not wrong. As they say “Even a stopped clock that leaks raw sewage from its piehole can drown the enemy of my enemy.” Or something like that.


The historical record is pretty clear that the Framers did P90X.


What worries me is how each new radicalized wave in the GOP just creates a more radicalized wave, and on we go. Where does it stop? When do they decided enough is enough, and start looking at their own internal structures and fixing their shit?

The GOP needs to clean house if we’re gonna get out of this mess. They should start by opposing Trump and his merry band of grifting assholes, but they need to take a good hard look at how he became not only possible, but dominate in the party, even after he proved himself to be a loser electorally.

But they won’t… it’s probably gonna have to come from outside.


It figures that a guy like this would be going after her for the wrong reasons.

The problem isn’t her lack of a formal education; Trump has plenty of sycophants who went to law school at Ivy League universities. The problem is her willfull ignorance and disregard for either rule of law or basic human decency.


Right… and a belief in a one party, authoritarian state.


These mopes would have one of the most tragically comical Night of the Long Knives imaginable. Or comically tragic.


Watching the GOP right now is like watching a bunch of rats in a burlap bag fight each other.
Rat Rogue GIF


A missed opportunity for a constitution pun.


I think it only stops when they start losing, and losing lots and lots more than they already have. Even the ones that have flipped against Trump still seem mostly upset about this authoritarian, not necessarily all of the other potential ones. I get frustrated reading comments from people like Adam Kinzinger and Joe Walsh, who were Tea Partiers - like spending years crowing about the “taxation without representation” that the Tea Party loved to haul out, wasn’t itself grossly disingenuous and part of what led us down this path.

I don’t think that there’s any cleaning house. I think the party slowly fades into the sunset, kicking and screaming and infighting the whole way, while every single one of them accuses the others of being RINOs. **


I think you’re probably right there…




They’re both bloody awful, and so’s their party.


More like Night of the Long Knaves


The thing is all the non-GOPpers are trapped in the same bag, getting shit and scratches all over them.

It doesn’t take a smart person to see that Empty G is a blithering moron. She makes that abundantly clear every single day.

Ah yes, I have heard that many times. I think it shall enter my lexicon, since it rolls off the tongue so smoothly.


Uh, no.
FASCIST is the only proper term to use for this person & the rest of their ilk.

They say a stopped clock is right twice a day.
But what if his VCR is blinking 12:00?
You don’t know if it is a.m. or p.m…

Well, parts of it, anyway.
The rest of us want all of it to apply.

This has been going on for decades; Barry Goldwater was regarded as an extremist loon during his run for POTUS; we all know his libertarian leanings would be far too liberal for today’s 'GOP".
I doubt the likes of Nixon would be palatable to this crowd, either; after all, he did create the EPA, so he was obviously one of them commie tree huggers.
And let’s not talk about China & Nixon…

It gets ended, one way or another.

They are on a brakeless mine cart at this point.
All the rest of us can do is try to limit the inevitable carnage, both physical & psychic.

Or maybe they can’t, because that’s not what their Owners want.
They want a return to feudalism, and we aren’t that far from it.
Very few of us aren’t wage slaves, after all.

The reaction in the ‘GOP’ to Paxton getting convicted [or not] should be interesting, though, if just to see which of those fuckers are relatively honest

Maybe they will implode…kinda like the Whigs.
Who knows what horrorshow will emerge from the wreckage…

I think her lust for power overrides everything; Lord Dampnut will therefore never name her as his veep, since his back would soon be wearing her knife, & he knows it.


I mean, they believe Trump’s a brilliant businessman despite all available information. I think there’s going to be people wishing they could vote for him even after he’s died.