Rep. Steve Scalise's "no Google" excuse is bogus




Oh, Hell, Alta Vista gave excellent search results for the Interwebz as they were in 1998… (and I still miss the Boolean search that you could use with no special effort other than quotation marks, or and and).


But Ask Jeeves said it was OK!


Just, also, FYI:


How many of his constituents still haven’t heard of Google?


In 2002, it was 1949 in Louisiana.




Again, from 1999…

Another potential candidate, state Rep. Steve Scalise (R), said he embraces many of the same “conservative” views as Duke, but is far more viable.

“The novelty of David Duke has worn off,” said Scalise. “The voters in this district are smart enough to realize that they need to get behind someone who not only believes in the issues they care about, but also can get elected. Duke has proven that he can’t get elected, and that’s the first and most important thing.”

So Scalise thought that Duke was unelectable… not that he disagreed with his political views.


And even if he did disagree (and at this point, who knows?), he didn’t find them abhorrent enough to think they should stop him from being elected.


He just knows the conservative movement has moved on to the thinly coded phrases, like thug and welfare.


That’s some bullshit.

In the US people who read newspapers in 2002 & who had done so prior to 2002 as early as 1988 knew Duke was a shit disturbing racist clown who happened to know how to work Louisiana’ s famously corrupt political machine to his temporary advantage.

Unless Scalise was kept in a mason jar of corn squeezins since 88, or even before if he was in LA, he knew damn well what Duke was about. Everyone did.


Come now, be fair, can’t you all remember that time you agreed to speak at some wacky fringe group’s conference and then woke up in a cold sweat when you realized that you had no idea how best to pander to them?

Obviously it has only been possible to ressearch a group or individual’s ideology since the advent of advanced ‘the google’ technology.


I fail to see a down side.


That’s why I won’t do gigs at retirement homes any more.


I hate to point anybody to Breitbart as a news source, but this article is actually pretty good. (That’s because the right-wingers at Breitbart are trying to bash Boehner, who’s supporting Scalise.)

Scalise wasn’t dealing directly with Duke, but with Kenneth Knight, a neighbor of his who he did politics with over several years. Knight was one of Duke’s henchpersons, and invited Scalise to speak to EURO, an organization trying to prevent the allegedly impending demise of the white race, but says that he and Scalise didn’t talk about race or “the Jewish question”. It’s not like he could have that long a relationship without realizing what a vile bunch he was hanging out with.


AltaVista also gave the option of doing a page-title-only search.
Lots of things I miss about AltaVista.


Yeah, how can someone NOT know what that organization was about, it’s called EURO FFS… More backpeddling on Scalise’s part, I’d wager.


Agreed. I really want to see who is on his list, so we can know who to publicly shame and drive out of politics.


Y’know, even before Tim Berners-Lee was born people had ways of doing research. They may not have been as fast or even as far-reaching as internet search engines can be, but people could still find information.

That’s a moot point, of course, because this says it all:

Three years before he spoke at the conference Scalise was aware of Duke’s views.


The domain name for the group he spoke at in 2002 was…ugh…

Here’s the Wayback Machine page for August 2002:

The banner clearly indicates that this is the group he spoke at.

Are we really to believe that he spoke at a convention with that domain name and DIDN’T realize what was going on? This clearly doesn’t pass the smell test.

Also, Google was the market leader in search in 2002, followed by Yahoo.’s-market-share-2006-2005-2004-2003-2002/

So…yeah. Bullpucky.