Reply to Tennessee prosecutor who doesn't want to be called "the Government" by defendant



According to the original post on Lowering the Bar, the AAG is a she. I didn’t bother verifying, because he’s probably correct. You may want to amend your post implying she is a he.


Thought you’d like to know; the heading has the typo “Tennesse.” Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Is it too late to change my screen name to “Captain Justice, Guardian of the Realm and Leader of the Resistance”?


All i can say without cheapening the snarky lulz is: Genius.

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How much you bet that the ADAG is either an anti-government Republican and/or in an anti-government Republican district.

P.S. Get the Government out of my Medicare!


The attorney was blessed with the last name of “Justice”. “Captain Smith” would have been perfectly ridiculous, but “Captain Justice” sounds like a B-grade superhero.

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My God this is brilliant!


Captain Justice, of the USS Sarcasm. To snidely go where no snark has gone before.


I can only hope that I get a smart lawyer like that if I ever run afoul of the Government.

Freaking beautiful. I wish more bloviating asshats would be deflated in this manner. “Captain Justice,” indeed! lol

Love it. Lawyers are smart, if slightly lost, people, and this one is a keeper.

Hey Government, take a walk on the wild side.


I want Captain Justice in MY corner. That’s if my cousin the lawyer is unavailable for any reason.

Awesome response, but the guy he’s defending is an absolute scumbag who has some strong anti-government views. My bet is the lawyer’s going to play a government made me do it card, and is going to tie the ADA into that group.

The guy he’s defending, one Donald Powell, has been the suspect in a large number of home invasions and burglary’s where he held multiple people up with guns.

His rap sheet involves assaults with deadly weapons, attempted murder, lots of burglary, quite a few drug counts, some joyriding counts, and probation violations for pretty much every one of those offenses.

That the lawyer is doing their best to do their job even in cases where public opinion is obviously against the person is a GOOD thing, not a bad one.


I’d be mad if somebody kept calling me, ‘The Gummint’, too.

Right. Welcome to the adversarial justice system. And even with prior bad acts, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.



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