Republican mayoral candidate lists "WHITE" among reasons to vote for her


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“There is a group called Congressional Black Caucus” is the new “what about White History Month?”


Not the worst. Where I lived when I was younger there was a magistrate who announced at some gathering or other that most court proceedings were a waste of time because the police were always right. She was of course a Conservative. There were understandable calls for her removal.


She’s a real charmer.



Eh, not so fast there.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Charm and white? :roll_eyes:


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Oh yeah? Racist? Then tell me, why do THEY get to have a green party, Mx. Smarty Pants!



Is she a candidate or a crisp linen suit from Talbot’s?


LOL - you win. Shut the thread down.


After Labor Day? WTF?


Going around.

Responding to comments about President Donald Trump’s initial platitudes about the violent neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., Miller said on August 12, “I’m sick and tired of being hit for being white…It is all about making us feel like we need to apologize. I am WHITE - and proud of it! No apologies necessary.”


Two thread winners in the space of three posts :exclamation:



Yea, I wouldn’t say she should be censured. A good public humiliation is plenty.


From The Onion:

White History Year Resumes / March 2003


I don’t think she’s capable of being humiliated. She’s a standard local-level Republican office-holder: utterly bugshit cray-cray.

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller, subject of a probe into her cover-up of public records, warned staffers to whisper because of “listening devices in the walls” of her county office, and has not told the truth about her use of private emails and Facebook to carry out her duties, former staffers Timothy DesJarlais and Jeannie Davis said.


I guess WHITE is for the people who didn’t hear the TRADITIONAL dog whistle.


And she hates them thar transgenders.

But - is traditional - even though she’s a divorced single parent. I guess she forgot that whole what God has brought together part of her vows.

“I don’t believe that transgenders should be in bathrooms based on their, who they identify with, I never have,” she said. “I believe that there could be a separate restroom, but however I do not believe that that should be allowed whatsoever.

“As a magistrate, I issued processes on persons that were in the bathroom, males that were in the bathroom, and you never know what they are, and they scare children, quite frankly.”