White woman uses racist slurs against George Floyd memorial observers

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I wonder why so many white people suddenly feel comfortable being racist arseholes in public these days. Mysteries, mysteries…


Except this person was completely sober and meant to say the things they said. And being under the influence of a substance is no excuse to shitty things said/done.




If one doesn’t think it one doesn’t say it.
I’m with you.

She does seem drunk though.
I’ve said many things I regret when drunk,
they weren’t racist though.


Since November of 2016 I’ve often wondered ‘how could white women have voted for Trump?’ Now I’m just saddened to see that the world has no shortage of awful human beings.


Play the religion card in these situations. She’s very likely convinced she’s a good christian, and attends church every sunday, so asking her why she’s being hostile during a memorial service for a deceased person will likely short circuit her brain while she’s grasping for a response that doesn’t make her look ridiculous.
Those assholes should be exposed for what they are: evil persons pretending to be good christians, which is exactly what they say the Satan they believe in often does.


I wonder what her memorial service will look like? Will her friends have to deal with this sort of atrocious display?

I kid - she has no friends and no one will show up.


I’m reminded of this reality every day I go to work.

I desperately want to burn my career to the ground or win the lottery so I don’t have to work with Trumpian tools all day.

Don’t go into manufacturing if you’re liberal in PA- or for that matter- anywhere in the US.


I’ve posted here before that I recently spent 5 years or so living in Western New York along the Pennsylvania border, along the shores of Lake Erie.
I’ve posted before that these people were living like this woman and other Karen’s openly in that area. In nearby Erie PA. Nazi symbology was being painted on cars, and emblazoned on peoples lawns, along with painted boasts of what kind of firepower they were carrying.
Bumper stickers like, “Happiness is a belt loaded firearm.”
A junk shop in Ripley NY I was driving past almost daily was openly flying a Nazi flag right alongside his stars and bars, right along side the Stars and Stripes.
The cops in Mayville NY were talking openly about how they wished they had been in Buffalo the night before at a Trump rally (this before had even announced) so they could help with busting some protesters heads.
While the rest of the U.S. was living in some sort of bubble, some people had openly begun the civil war, and the lead up to the election was so intensely hateful my own trans kid became a target, and we split fast.
Part of the hideous irony here?
All of the local cemeteries in that area are filled with these small towns distant relatives, murdered and maimed fighting the confederacy itself.
These people have been out in the open all along. People are simply paying closer attention.
And attention needs to be paid. These people have been arming themselves to the teeth. Recent demonstrations of that fire power have not revealed even the upper tip of the iceberg of the weaponry these guys have available to them.
These ‘Karens’ are dangerous, dangerous people.


One of the most disturbing bits of the Book of Genesis is when Lot’s daughters get him drunk so they can have sex with him to get pregnant. Obviously he’s made out to be the innocent victim, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get any well-adjusted guy hammered enough to bang his own daughters.

Same goes for screaming racial epithets. Drunk or not, it’s not something a non-racist person would do.


Yeah, been telling people for years that we had actual, real life nazis here in the USA, and that they were doing scary shit and we needed to watch them, and people were all “those aren’t real nazis they just like to think they’re nazis”. As if that made it all better. And Obama was president, so racism was just over.


The DHS compiled an internal intelligence report that right-wing extremism (including Neo-Nazis) were a large and growing potential national security threat in 2009. But the instant that Republicans got wind of it they started screaming to anyone who would listen that the Obama administration was using the Department of Homeland Security to silence “the Right.”

Those tasked with our national security did nothing to address the threat of violent racist extremism because the GOP chose to self-identify with the violent racist extremists.


Can you pivot into a field that needs your skills but has a different working culture? I don’t know, some sort of specialist engineering, prototype building, maybe something associated with the maker movement?

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~Precision machinist for ~15 years here, I’d also like to know this.

But yes, these people have been in the US since before the ink was dry on the declaration of independence. For awhile, they felt like it was too shameful to come out in public, but then we elected a (more openly) racist president sooo they rubbed their 2 neurons together and decided that it’s all ok now.


The one thing I know about Erie, PA is that GE Transportation build locomotives there. They export a lot to countries that the average Pennsylvania Nazi probably doesn’t like very much.


She’s drunk on power! Powered by Trumpism! Trump will LIBERATE the oppressed white under siege by colored folks!

(That’s total sarcasm, BTW)


How broken must these people be to have such a burning hatred in them. I’m not excusing or condoning in any way their behavior, I’m wondering about the roots of it all. What causes a person to feel this way? How do we fight that, how do we fix it? This hatred goes back generations, we have to find an answer to it that doesn’t take generations as well.


Tsk! It’s “Release the Kraken!”, not Karen.