Republican New York State Assembly leader publishes anti-drunk driving PSA shortly before drunkenly crashing a state-owned car

Sure, I get that it’s “funny” because yet another Republican was caught saying one thing while doing the opposite.

What I’m saying is that alcoholism and drunk driving is a sad thing that can affect anybody; it’s almost never funny; and that owning up to it and facing the consequences is about all anyone with a shred of decency can do.

Republicans don’t hold a monopoly on drunk-driving politicians. This guy doesn’t hold a candle to Ted Kennedy, who is still the poster boy there. And this certainly doesn’t qualify as an example of Inherent Democratic Superiority to rally around.

This is a story about a hypocritical politician. This politician is a republican.

That’s it.

No matter what of your own hangups and prejudices you want to project on to things, that’s it. No amount of ‘what about Teddy Kennedy*’ will change that, and no one but you thinks of this as an ‘example of inherent democratic superiority’.

*PS Not the poster boy around these parts if you haven’t noticed.


Maybe I’m angry.

I am surprised. I saw the news about a day after it happened with the usual “No plans to resign”

For some of us, there’s a few steps between “I’m angry about something “ and “therefore, we should go full on soviet style forcibly medicating people I don’t like.”

I think “people who have been convicted of dangerous crimes” are in a different category than “people I don’t like.” You know, people we collectively feel okay about putting in prisons? I’m guessing there is some kind of cultural norm that forcing someone to take a drug to reduce their likelihood/ability to hurt other people is a far greater violation of that person’s rights than putting them in a concrete box and controlling when they get to see the sun to accomplish the same ends.

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He didn’t say

He said

In my defense I watched THX-1138 over xmas.

Rather than have third parties debate the meaning of my words…
I meant both “people who have committed dangerous crimes” and I used an inflammatory word to express my contempt for these people. I hope that is clear.

“My wife was driving! You know how women drive.”
He did later fess up to the police, but first instinct was to blame a woman.

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Plus, I’m sure he’ll be complaining during his mandatory alcohol rehabilitation classes about how what with fines, legal expenses and extortionate prices of said classes, he can’t afford groceries.

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