“Responsible Gun Ownership”

That mayor’s a real piece of work. Going right for BS Ammosexual Trope #1:

“We’ve had someone who lost their life. We don’t need to politicize it. We don’t need to do those kinds of things. We need to be sympathetic to the family,” said Myers.

I suspect the family would like Greenwoodians to stop shooting each other, too.

Myers doesn’t believe the message accurately reflects the city.

Gaslighting people about whether the shooting even happened, check.

“If you see something, say something. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you see somebody suspicious, call it in,” said Myers.

Subtle victim-blaming, check.

Myers said the city is focused on building up their police force. He said in the next two months, they are going to hire 13 more officers, which will create a fully staffed department.

Using it as an excuse to spend more on cops, who did fuckall to prevent the shooting.

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JFC. So, asking people to stop shooting each other is somehow “politicizing” the tragedy, but using it as a reason to increase police funding (which, as you noted, wouldn’t have helped avoid the tragedy) is not?!?



Repeat after me: conservatism is the belief that there is an in-group that is protected by the law, but not beholden to it, and an out-group beholden to the law but not protected by it.

It gets repeated a lot around here, but a lot of irrational conservative behaviour fits into place once you put it through this lens. Even internationally.


According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, investigators believe the two sisters were in the apartment with five adults, including their mother and stepfather.

Investigators said that the adults believed that at least one of them was watching the girls, who were unsupervised in the apartment bedroom.

That’s when authorities believe the 3-year-old got ahold of a loaded semi-automatic pistol and accidentally shot her 4-year-old sister.


I just came to post this. Fuck.

It could also go in the Fuck Today or Assholes threads. :rage:


Excellent! So the authorities can charge several adults with negligent homicide while still leaving an adult or two to “parent” the kids who survived!



According to arrest documents, a BNA employee who works for a cleaning service contacted Nashville Airport Police on Thursday, March 16, saying she had hidden her firearm in a bush at a terminal garage because she was running late for work.

However, when she returned, her gun was missing, so officials said they entered the gun into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as stolen.


That does not pass the smell test. Was it being left for someone else, but then the wrong person found it first?


Isn’t that more like a “little library” but for guns? I mean, it’s Tennessee…


So my state, Michigan, is going to town with gun legislation.

Expand background checks, mandate storage standards in homes with kids, red flag law, and a few more.

It’s not sitting well with the Michigan GOP and their head loon.


Wow, she just listed off all the “CRT” that’s illegal to speak about in Florida and Texas in one go.

Apparently, the Michigan GOP is willing to go full”woke” the moment their most beloved family members - their guns - are threatened.


Maybe it was God, looking for the next Joan of Ark.


Fixed that for you.


These two are the definition of “responsible” gun owners.

At least the appeals court said it can go to trial.

I saw a comment complaining they were being held responsible for thier sons actions which isn’t fair and someone corrected them saying no, they are being held responsible for thier actions.


Those interviewed by the FBI described Paddock as a “strange” introvert who never made eye contact and only wanted to talk about gambling, while the gunman’s fellow gambler told the FBI that Paddock was “very upset” that the red-carpet treatment for high rollers seemed to be fading.

According to the gambler, casinos had previously treated high rollers like Paddock to free cruises, flights, penthouse suites, rides in “nice cars” and wine country tours. But in the years before the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas, the gambler said casinos had begun banning some high rollers “for playing well and winning large quantities of money.” Paddock himself had been banned from three Reno casinos, according to the documents.


Maybe if we’re gonna keep expecting teachers to put their lives on the line for children whose parents hate them, we should give them a pay bump AND hazard pay. No excuse for abandoning children, but I’m not sure what people expect for how much we abuse teachers.