“Responsible Gun Ownership”


Gotta say, I don’t have any problem with this odd trend, gentlemen.
Carry on. Do as you will to your own willies.

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If the purpose of the meme is to mock responsible gun owners for their concerns about safety, and liberals are even more concerned about gun safety, why not take the next logical step and have a liberal point a gun at your dick?


From that article: this cat’s face and body language express how I feel about this idiocy


As long as any bullets they may fire at their “little buddies” don’t ricochet and hit anyone else, if they choose to apply rather permanent and painful birth control to themselves it’s their bodies, right?


On the night of March 14, 2022 intoxicated former Osceola Mills mayor Ida Reams, 52, called 911 to complain that two people in her area looked suspicious. She told police that she was “done” with being harassed and yelled at the cops to send someone out right now, adding that she was going to “fucking kill” the two people. Police reportedly heard two gunshots before the call disconnected.

At the same time, a second 911 call from one of the two people Reams was angry about came in. The man explained he and his friend were playing Pokémon GO in the area, when a clearly drunk Reams yelled at them. When they left, Reams followed in her truck and trapped them in a food bank parking lot. Police arrived soon after and arrested Reams.

According to witnesses, Reams fired at least five shots from a revolver. The former mayor was later charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, and DUI.


The worker responded that he was the manager, using explicit language, according to police. When the couple drove toward the window, the employee came outside, followed by two co-workers.

The three workers, ages 17, 19 and 20, brandished handguns toward the couple, police said.

“One of the employees chambered a round in the pistol, pointed the gun at the 41-year-old customer, and verbally threatened him, saying, ‘Y’all gonna die tonight,’” officers said.


Just like they say, an armed society is a polite society.


Judge has blocked a California law that would have banned carrying guns in most public places | AP News

“An armed society is a polite society,” right?

Holy shit, what kind of fuckedupedness is this?


He allegedly told police “he had thought about, and wanted, to commit a homicide for a long time,” according to the complaint. He allegedly said he had talked his mother into buying him a handgun, which he wanted “with the intent of shooting someone and/or himself,” according to the complaint.

Good God…

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When officers arrived on location, they found the young boy was shot twice in the leg.

According to authorities, the boy is in stable condition. His mother was also at the hospital with him.

Officers say that preliminary evidence suggests the child shot himself with an unattended gun.

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Oh, I believe them - and that’s terrifying.

“Oh, oops. I completely forgot that I still had this armed antipersonnel mine in my backpack!”


Actually, I had a college study partner in 1992 who worked for a PI. The PI got her a handgun and helped to take care of licensing and permitting before he gave it to her as a birthday gift. She put the wrapped gift it in her oversized bag and went out partying. She had a flight the next day, woke up late and hung over, and bolted to the airport where it was flagged (with all its birthday wrapping) during screening. So in certain circumstances, I can believe this.

(She was arrested, and ended up paying for a lawyer and a huge fine. And she was thoroughly embarrassed.)


That’s totally different! Everyone does that.

Sure, I can believe it happens sometimes, like with your acquaintance. My suspicion is that most of these incidents involve folks who can’t imagine parting with their gun for the duration of a flight. Or people who have ammosexual fantasies about saving the plane from terries getting froggy.