Restaurant gives a free roll of toilet paper with each carryout order

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"The catcher hits for .318 and catches every day
The pitcher puts religion first and rests on holidays
He goes into cathedrals and lies prostrate on the floor
He knows the drink affects his speed, he’s praying for a doorway
Back into the life he wants and the confession of the bench
Life outside the diamond is a wrench"

New York Pizza Catcher, Belle and Sebastian

I’m on the bench right now.


This would make sense for Taco Bell.


:thinking: Um… is that not pretty much automatically admitting if not :face_vomiting:

To the tune of Blood Sweat & Tears Spinning Wheel…

What goes in… Must come out… TP-Roll… With carry out… Talkin bout your water closet’s just TMI…

“Piazza, New York Catcher”, surely?

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Thank you. I love the track, but can never seem to get the title right in my head.

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A few restaurants in the burbs are also doing this. Saw the local Luke’s with a handmade sign to this effect yesterday.

Commendable action. Hopefully not indicative of the quality of the food.

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