Restaurant servers in Power Rangers garb tackle man choking woman

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Lucky they handled the situation before they had to combine into a Mega Tigerzord.


There is no footage?

He still did it, just ask the Woman.


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Any reason given for “why were they dressed as power rangers?” Or is that sort of thing normal for ramen noodle places in California?


The news report says it’s because of their signature drink, the Noka Ranger. Their menu states you get it in a Super Rangers mug.

ETA: Now I wish I could try the UME Hi!! drink. It sounds tasty.


I had similar, though less serious, drama at a restaurant.

I was in Toronto. It was my first time to Canada, first time flying in a plane, first time spending mass quantities of credit card money so that I could meet strangers on the Internet and play paintball in the Skydome and the first Skyball event.

One of the people in the group ended up having contacts, and while most players stayed at the Holiday Inn which was part of the Skydome complex, we were staying at the Royal York. Initially on the VIP floor, but later we were moved to a bigger room on a different floor, though we were told we could still use the concierge service on the 10th floor VIP level. We were stacking up in the room, but due to a discount we were paying about what you would have paid at the Holiday Inn. This is still the fanciest place I have ever stayed in. The Queen of England would stay there. They had appetizers that included oysters and weird cheese and crackers on the VIP level.

So it got to be late at night and Phranc, the contact who got us the room, and I decide to wonder around the city and we ended up in a small deli restaurant. I am not even sure what I had - probably a sandwich, but I remember getting some apple pie too.

It was fairly late, and they were closing soon, when two drunk girls come in. They want a salad, but it was late and they didn’t have any salad ready. They whine/insist and at some point the older lady who I think ran the place said with a thick Italian accent, “Ok, we are out of salad, but I make you a salad just for you.”

She goes and does it, and comes back and the girls suddenly don’t want the salad. It devolves from there. There is a lot of yelling and some cursing. The owners is saying things like, “I knowa your parents! You order the salads, I make the salads special, so now you buying the salads!”

Some slight scuffling, as other workers there shove them out of the door while they girls are trying to hit them, with lots of yelling and cursing. They then lock the doors and the girls proceed to beat on the glass. My memory is fuzzy, but I think they ran off before the cops managed to get there.

Now remember, this is my first time alone in a big city in a foreign land - and other than getting punched late at night at a Burger King a few years ago - the first public fight I’ve seen. and I just witnessed a dramatic kerfuffle. I kinda thought they would offer us free pie or something, but other than a mild apology for the commotion, I got the feeling this wasn’t uncommon?

And that is my public fight at a restaurant story.

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