Reverend says his "spit or swallow" sign was not a sexual reference


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He said God took care of the sign by blowing it over with a gust of wind.

He then added, “Yep, that was quite a blow job. What? Does THAT mean something else, too?”


Never mind. Too easy.


He said God took care of the sign by blowing it over with a gust of wind.

Great seeing that god has his priorities straight. Hate seeing him get too bogged down in Aleppo or other hotspots.


I find that…hard to swallow.


What a ding dong.


When I saw this I didn’t know whether to gulp or do a spit take!


Someone else already finished that one off, anyways.


Let me guess; this guy can read the line “And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee” with a straight face as well…


I believe him. People can be pretty naive. And the reference as far as forgiveness works. You swallow the hostility and hurt you want to spit back out.

Reverend says his “spit or swallow” sign was not a sexual reference
Sexual references are the best part of my dating resume.


I was slow, but I couldn’t improve on @ophmarketing’s post anyway.


yeah, i actually will give him the benefit of the doubt here. i can see it working in a forgiveness way, and that’s the context given. it just happens to be funnier in the “OMG SEX” context.


He wouldn’t be the first one to blow it.


Well…it made me choke.


It must be hard going through life thinking like a 14 year old boy.


When I was a 14 year old boy it was hard at the most inopportune times.


To be fair, given the top one is Lutheran, I’m fairly sure they meant the joke as we’re reading it. The other two, probably not.


Interpretations on who the ‘bride’ is vary substantially; but “Christ the bridegroom” is very, very canon(unless one is Jewish, of course; they tend not to be fans of the sequel); and you aren’t really much of a bridegroom without a bride; nor is it generally considered a proper marriage without a consummation; so some comparatively overt potential-jesus-sex is very much on the table; it’s not just something the snarkers came up with to amuse themselves.


This reminds me of my favorite way to make the Campus Crusade for Christ people evangelizing to me leave when I was in college, “You know how I know Jesus loves me? He swallows.”