Reverse trick-or-treating

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There was a comic strip about this going around Twitter:


thank you – i knew i saw this the other day somewhere, but i couldn’t find the link.


Thanks for sharing. That’s my Halloween comic you are referring too. Here’s the original link (it’s creative commons too).

It comes around each Halloween and makes me smile, but it’s weird thinking about how popular it is in comparison to my other comics. I’m doing an AMA about it now if you have any questions.


I have seen the comic a few times: great meme!
I actually made a costume this year (I’m 52, so… )
This year I was… a door. I made a more Halloween-y version of our black front door, complete w glow in the dark runes, crude bolt heads, rust and so on. It fit perfectly in the door space. I cut a hole in the middle to fit my face, sat in a chair and looked outward. As kids approached I would be completely still, then when they got close enough I grin real big and yell “WHO LIKES CANDY!!!” Oh their dulcet screams were music to mine ears! jk Then I would demand that they feed me candy. Only one set of kids came back and fed me some Skittles (those precocious imps also kept hitting my face and saying “you be quiet you Frankenstein you!” kids these days, eh?)

I almost had my wife make up my ugly mug in black, highlights in red/copper, but a white guy in blackface didn’t poll well. Next year I’m finding bronze facepaint and adding more bronze color to the ‘door’. Maybe I’lll carry it around and knock on other folks doors and demand candy. That’d be all shiny and chrome!


Sort of surprised this took place in the US. The old-lady-crossdressing-schtick they have going is classic python.

Oooh! Well I never!

I was going to say, I knew that comic had been around a while.

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