Review—Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS!)

True. But overall… I would rather Finn (and Poe) actually be completely unrelated to the old characters. Open up the universe a bit.

If Rey is not Luke’s progeny, I will be very surprised.

Oh yeah, that’s what made the force awesome for me too, though the whole ‘midichlorians as a plague’ bit actually came from an attempt to make it possible to hear the word without screaming (and now a few of us are of the opinion that it’s cooler than the ‘mystical force’ if done right).

The thing is, he’s not even on for the next movie for certain, much less the third, and there’s at least one spinoff (Rogue One), so we’re still in a situation where a Canon issue could use a solution at some point.[quote=“nungesser, post:212, topic:70920”]
Having said that, the Darth Plagueis theory is one I’m really curious about. Personally, I think Snoke could be the last remaining Sith (as in, the species, not the religion).
Yeah, I think that’s a fun approach. I mean, Snoke sure looks bad and nobody had heard a thing about him up until recently…staying behind the scenes until Palpatine’s death would make a lot of sense for him in some scenarios. Plus that’d weave everything together neatly, otherwise he’s just some random new guy.


Just got back from seeing it a second time. I still think that ending with the off-brand LoTR style climb up the mountain was hokey and unnecessary but I guess they had to sandwich Mark Hamill in there somehow.


Feeling vulnerable here wading out into the fanboy/girl pond but I just wanted to say this:

As someone old enough to have seen Star Wars (not Episode IV: A New Hope. Star Wars) in the theater the summer it came out and having had it rock my little 9 year old world and become a seed of imagination from which who knows how many branches of my life have sprouted, and now as a parent of two young children (8 and 6) (and as a harsh critic of the consumerism and corporatism embodied by Disney, I have to say), I thought TFA was awesome. I pretty much agree with Mizejewski’s review and can’t really agree with too many of the nit-picky criticisms here in this thread. I didn’t mind the “reboot” aspects, I loved all the offhand references to the old movies, the humor was good and not over the top or silly, I loved the new characters, and I really like the ending. When Luke took his hood off, my son whispered, ‘He looks weird’. And I actually said, ‘He looks fantastic!’. It’s going to be so much fun being that 9 year old kid again.


A Hamill cheese sandwich, as it were.

Still, his name was the second one to appear in the credits and he didn’t even have ONE LINE?


With Poe! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Oh man that running brohug was something else wasn’t it? I half expected them to start making out afterward. Definite Rule 34 material here.


I thought they pulled out all the stops to hint that she’s Luke’s daughter over Han and Leia.

I figured the surprise would be if she turned out to be their daughter instead. Wouldn’t there have been more of a reaction from Han if he picked up a girl with her talents and about the right age from the planet where they left their daughter?

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“Hey Finn, I heard you got Poe to jack it.”

“No, I said I got Poe’s jacket!


There just has to be a good “dark side” and “light side” joke in there too.


Because he’s Luke FREAKIN’ Skywalker! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel like whatever is coming next, it has to be ANYTHING other than another killer planet. And I think that’s what this episode was all about–one last embrace of the past before flushing it all out. And the First Order actually did accomplish what the Empire never fully got around to: removing all vestiges of civility by taking out the central governing planet and its population (at least, I was getting a Coruscant vibe from that planet they blew up, anyone else?).

I wasn’t really clear on that either till I confirmed (wookiepedia) it wasn’t coruscant, but the hosnian system.

Absolutely. All the leaders of the First Order we saw were young and inexperienced; I felt like they were using a huge killer planet to say “we’re as good as the Empire! Even better!” (and yes, I agree with others that the Death Star clone was probably heavily encouraged by the producers, but I’m justifying it here, because it was handled creatively). Whatever comes next will likely be small, stealthy, and deadly effective. My guess: the Knights of Ren guerilla-attacking everywhere.

According to other books and materials, what we saw was the destruction of the Hosnian System, specifically Hosnian Prime, the new Republic capital and the home of the Republic senate. I really have no idea why they didn’t articulate such a simple and vital piece of information in the actual movie; it’d certainly have made that scene more impactful if someone had said “they just destroyed the home of the Republic!” or anything, really.


I thought they mentioned it was the seat of the new republic before firing… shrug


They did, but it was quite the throwaway line. mumble mumble Hosni-mumble

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What @japhroaig said. The First Order guys were throwing out lines like WE SHALL DESTROY THEIR SENATE and I think I remember someone saying Hosnian rutabaga rutabaga seat of the Republic rutabaga but there was no big horrified payoff afterwards like we had with Alderaan. It was very rushed and could’ve used some clarity.

EDIT, now that I think about it: Why didn’t Leia step out of her ship and give some helpful exposition, i.e., “Boy, are we fucked. That death ray just blew up the Senate and killed [person running the Republic] as well as destroyed the whole Republic fleet. So our little galactic police force is all that’s left.”


I was hoping one of them would bang a shoe on a desk.


SCENE: Int. Hosnian Senate Chamber. Onscreen captioned text reads HOSNIA, THE CAPITOL PLANET OF THE NEW REPUBLIC (NOT CORUSCANT).

Chancellor: “Well, my fellow New-Republic representatives, it’s been 30 long years but it’s finally come down to this. All in FAVOR of restoring peace and democracy to the galaxy?”

Thousands of Senators, Including Adorable Representatives from the Puppy Planet: “YEA!!”

Chancellor: “All opposed?”

Lone Grumpy Looking Senator in Dark Hooded Robe: “NAY!”

Chancellor: “So ruled!” (Raises gavel to make vote official…)

SCENE: Ext. Senate building as Interstellar death laser vaporizes capitol Independence-Day style just before the rest of the planet explodes.