Ridley Scott blames youngins for box office bomb for a film I didn't know existed because Disney did a crap job promoting it


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This was a “movie” … that people were supposed to watch in a “theater” ?


A “movie” is like a long YouTube clip. A “theater” is a place they used to go to to exchange germs. It takes a while though, so they played these long YouTube clips in them, to keep people entertained during the germ swap.

I know, weird, huh?


If you want a young audience to come see your film; maybe don’t release it when they weren’t eligible to get vaccinated?


I saw ads for it on FB. Nothing about it made me want to see it in a theater, or at all. So it definitely got marketed, well, at least on the old people social media, FB.

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Wasn’t the plot of this thing supposed to be something like that Knight A rapes Knight B’s girlfriend and Knight B gets pissed about its effect on his honor so he fights Knight A, all while completely ignoring said girlfriend’s emotional state? People didn’t want to see that?

Also, weren’t there duels in like the 20th century? I mean didn’t Ridley Scott himself make a movie about duels in the 18th or 19th century?


Thank you, thank you, I take full responsibility! Now if you’ll excuse me I have more important matters to take care of such as ruining golf or diamond mining.


Also, the trailer shows the entire plot and parts of the final showdown. If you see the trailer, there is really nothing left to see in the movie. Adam Driver looks aloof while Matt Damon chews up scenery as a dark version of the Tin Man. The movie only made $11 million, so Disney will have to drop plans for the Last Duel Extended Universe and cancel the upcoming “The Penultimate Duel.”


It’s an R-rated period drama. I don’t think the under-12 crowd was their target demographic. At the time of the release in mid October everyone else in the US had been eligible for vaccines for at least 5 months.

European historical dramas about duels have a history of mixed reception at the box office, even when there’s serious star power and famous directors involved. Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon was a disappointment at the domestic box office. Rob Roy (starring Liam Neeson) didn’t do especially well either. And neither of those was released in the midst of a pandemic.


The millennian do not ever want to be taught anything unless you are told it on the cell phone,” Scott continued.

I think they are usually called “Millennials,” Ridley. And none of them say “cell phone” anymore.


I saw the trailer then forgot about it. I haven’t been to a theater since covid began and have no desire to go back as long as covid is still a concern. If a film is good, I’ll find out and see bits and pieces online. That’s the extent of my movie/TV watching these days.
And I don’t have cable and I don’t stream so, sorry Ridley.

ETA: The Last Duel does look like a nice change from the overabundance of movies about glowy-eyed superheroes.


That’s the one he pulled and re-edited into a drama about the fashion industry?

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This is very literally:


And they’re (we’re) in their thirties and not “this latest generation”


Not just their 30s, but late 30s and into their (our) 40s, depending on the scale you use.


Germ spread was enhanced through sharing of popcorn sold at a 1000% markup from retail, miniature hockey puck things called “Junior Mints”, and a spritz of flat soda in a 64 ounce bucket of ice.

Germ spreading got especially intense in the back row for… other reasons.

My thoughts exactly. There was even a recent musical, set long after this film was set, which featured a duel. But this musical was very obscure and Ridley Scott had probably never heard of it.

As a “millenian” (whatever that is) I’m holding out for the Michael Bay remake.

I’ve figured out what a millenian is. It’s some kind of alien that constantly needs to communicate with the mother ship.

Even if the millennials/ cell phone thing was true, why not release this movie on streaming services?


A noble profession.

noun: millinery ; plural noun: millineries

  1. women’s hats.

“her designer millinery”

  • the trade or business of a milliner.

“she is contemplating a new career in millinery”


Barry Lyndon is never disappointing nor about a duel!

And there was a quote here from one of the execs/producers saying it was such a glorious failure financially they just wrote it off and felt great about themselves.

Doubt anyone will give a shit about this film I was barely aware existed in years to come.

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There were two duels in the film, both were pivotal moments in the protagonist’s life, and the movie poster features a guy holding a dueling pistol.