Right-wing Brazilian presidential candidate picks dictatorship-loving general as a running mate

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/08/right-wing-brazilian-president.html


Wink-wink. Say no more!

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Christ, what a pair of assholes.

What do you want elections to bend to the influence of Special Interests!?!1 /S

The 21st century is a new era of populist dictatorships.

Maybe the Stalinists were on to something when they criticized the decadent West’s democracy and neoliberalism. (no, not really. but it’s food for thought)

Were they calling things ‘neoliberalism’ back then?

What job will they have for this guy?

Well Stalin quotes are all technically translated from Russian. But the papers and textbooks I’ve read use the term which is where I picked it up. Neoliberalism is used w.r.t. the problems that communism faced under Stalin. (and how his regime did not want it to become popular)

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Last night another candidate denounced on TV a sinister plan to transform the so-called Latin America into a Union of Socialist Republics.

The links to the articles below are in Portuguese. I put it as a curiosity. I think someone will try to explain this case in English soon.


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