Right-wing militia groups have set up armed illegal checkpoints in Oregon

This also happened in Syria. If we’re in for a second civil war in the U.S., this is how and where it starts.


The police in Oregon are close friends of the various militias and Proud Boys. If shooting starts here, I know what side they’ll be on.


I wonder why they are called militias and not gangs, is it something about them ?


DeJoy has had most of the sorting machines scrapped already. There’s delays and scrambled deliveries all over. I have some of my neighbor’s mail I need to take down the block, and I had a package delivered to the address I’ve been at 7 years get bounced as “Addressee Unknown.”


They haven’t misunderstood, they have actively pushed that narrative while they are the ones instigating the violence.


Militias = white right-wing; Gangs = everybody else.


That’s exactly how it went for me too.

If we lived in saner times I would still be talking a blue streak about how we need better firearms regulation and how nobody should own ARs. But at this point, since all the right wing militias own so much firepower, it’d be foolish not to be able to defend yourself against the brown shirts.


There is a home nearby me that stands apart from the blue majority here. Owned by a military guy, uniformed to and fro, his yard is decorated like a MAGA Xmas is coming. Trump billboards, banners, flags, the whole MAGA gear catalog. I just know that his home is filled to the rafters with weaponry.


And Iraq after W invaded. Sectarian militias took over each neighbourhood in Baghdad and kicked out (or killed) anyone from the “wrong” sect.

Edited to add: In a situation like this nobody thinks of themselves as the aggressor. Each group says that they took up arms to defend their community from the men with guns on the other side.


This is what the second amendment is for, though, isn’t it?

to check exactly the fuck what?


despite being a far-left liberal democrat i am also a 7th or 8th generation texas native who grew up on a farm. i own a rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun and i know how to use and take care of all of them. i use them for hunting and target shooting and i am a careful and accurate shooter. i will never try to provoke a fight, if pressed to the limit i will still not be the first to fire, and my earnest hope is that i will never find myself in the position of having to shoot or kill another human being.

that said, if the choice is between doing that and losing my life or or losing the lives of my friends and family i would not hesitate to do so. i would be filled with regret. i would mourn for the loss of life, even the life of an aggressor who threatened me, and i believe i would lose something of myself which i could never get back, but i would also lose something of myself if i allowed someone i loved to die through my inaction if i could have prevented it.

my feelings about this are complex but clear. in my 59 years on earth i have resolved every conflict i have had without resorting to violence.


Can charges be brought against these goons? Threatening with a deadly weapon or something?

This is just awful, and ominous.


Late to the party here, but when did they repeal the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd Amendment?


Holding someone against their will with no legal authority is kidnapping.

Especially when using a deadly weapon to threaten.


How new is this org? Looks interesting.

Well, I have seen some groups described as “left-wing militias” and “black militias” as well.

I mean, I have been very against the actual need of armed revolt thus far. Any preparations for defense were assuming a random break in. But when a sitting president talked about the possibility of delaying the election, I got a surplus ACU FLC, just in case. Probably won’t need it. Probably. :confused:

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so that’s the subtext?


I think it’s false imprisonment.


the problem comes when police and prosecutors refuse or passively fail to arrest or prosecute such offenses. and if you had forgotten what a lovely man our current attorney general of the united states is just check out the link i posted upthread.


The problem is that the self-appointed vigilante Arseholes fancy themselves as the Boondock Saints, but don’t have enough awareness to realize The Boondock Saints WERE the Arseholes in that movie.