Right-wing militia groups have set up armed illegal checkpoints in Oregon

That’s probably this “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” we keep hearing about?


A citizen stopping another citizen and preventing them from leaving when they want to leave is kidnapping.

Not only that, it also qualifies you to be president.

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This crowd will know the history, but just for posterity. Probably a good time to remind some folks that tolerance is a peace treaty.

The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, and signed into law by then governor of California, Ronald Reagan, the bill was crafted with the goal of disarming members of the Black Panther Party who were lawfully conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods, in what would later be termed copwatching.[1][2] They garnered national attention after Black Panthers members, bearing arms, marched upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[3][4][5] (source Wikipedia, but still correct)


Realized my comment was way too ambiguous. What I mean is, as awful as it is to promote armed confrontation of these folks, it might force the authorities to say “wait a minute, let’s not get hasty now” Copwatching worked.

The SRA has some problems at the national level. Your local chapter may be much much better


When one side has guns and the will to use them the other side damned well better. Otherwise all the handwringing and unwillingness to defend yourself gets you is shot in the back of the head in a ditch. I have known since childhood that the police were not there to protect me, and the first time I was stabbed, the first time I was beaten up, and the first time I was shot at were because my Fellow Americans believe deeply that I can never be a real American. Stop hoping that it will all go away. We are in the early stages of insurgency, purges, and genocide. Prepare accordingly.


Yeah, you’re right. Kidnapping requires that AND moving the victim from one place to another.


At around the time the Supreme Court ruled that gun ownership was an individual right as opposed to a right of state-run militias.


As ugly as it is to consider such a possibility, the country does appear to be spiraling towards this.

The big problem is that should push come to shove, we all know who is better armed and better trained. (hint: it’s not all of your liberal friends)

Better to have the means and not have to use it, than to be powerless should the shit hit the fan.


Unless you have a motorcycle.

I would be with you 100%, however things degenerated well beyond the point of non return. People not prepared to defend themselves against those terrorists have the same chances one would have against a rabid dog just by politely asking it not to bite.

Non violence should never be a path to calmly waiting to be exploited; I consider myself a non violent person and if someone hits me by mistake I never respond, but when someone hurts me on purpose and I see clear signs it was deliberate, doing nothing would be an invite the other part to continue.
It’s not a game: if group A hates group B to the point they want it to be annihilated, and have the weapons to do that, the sooner group B learns to defend itself the more chances it has to continue its existence. We can hide it behind lots of names, but it’s war plain and simple.


The Police seems on their side pretty much everywhere, but what about the Army and National Guard? They are better trained, smarter, and hopefully mostly immune to political brainwashing. Any indications on what’s their stance on this?

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Well, hey, they didn’t buy all that shit to fantasize about. They been waiting for years - decades …


The worst domestic terrorist attack in the history of the United States was carried out by a former U.S. Army Sergeant who received a number of service awards despite being a white supremacist asshole who buddied around with right-wing militia folks.

It’s nice to imagine the people we trust to protect our freedoms are “immune” from this shit, but that’s pure naiveté.


I agree. Which is why the protestors/rioters in downtown Portland every night are in the wrong to stop and block cars. Somebody is going to get hurt eventually.

I’m much more likely to feel sympathy for someone afraid of, and possibly acting in self defense towards, someone brandishing an assault rifle than someone making you wait in traffic or drive a block out of your way.

I think the judiciary would agree.


It’s not a problem. Just say “AM I BEING DETAINED?” really loudly.

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These are Nazis and their Nazi brothers in the Police. Let’s just call it what it is.


As a New Yorker, I can rely on traffic and scarce parking to protect me from right wing nut jobs. It’s like Kryptonite to rednecks.

Also, a reminder to those about to stockpile weapons: the government has Apache attack helicopters and microwave weapons. Firearms will be no defense against an authoritarian state. We will need numbers.


I think they mostly bought it to fantasize about.