RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump spreads the Great Replacement Theory

The crime family will sink the GQP in both name and money. It’s just matter of time and what extend of collateral damage associated with it. In their spiral into irrelevancy, they will try to destroy everything. Our job is to prevent it from happen. Go vote. We need to keep the orange menace out of office. It will buy us some time in short term because the GQP doesn’t have his spiritual successor right now. In the meantime, broken SCOTUS will need to be fixed. All loop holes Tr*mp used to worm his way in need to be plugged. Norms need to be codified in laws. As already proven, norms only as good as the person exercises it and we can’t count on that. Also, go voting, every single election. The fascists crawled their way in because we were complacent and didn’t play the long game. I hope the SCOTUS’s bullshit wake enough people up.