Road safety campaign donkey killed by car


Someone should put that horrible car in jail for committing such a senseless crime!

No, too soft. Have it put down!

Cars like that are trouble. If the owner isn’t willing to put up a fence, or tie the car to a chain so it isn’t out and about unsupervised then it should be taken from the owner and destroyed!

I like cars, don’t get me wrong, but there are bad car owners and good car owners and safety comes before cars!


Waaaah! Waaaah!

So what have we learned today, class?

This is ironic, but in a really sad way :cry:

Torn between being sad for the donkey and the person who hit it, remembering Perry the Donkey (who lives in a park in Palo Alto, and was the model for the donkey in Shrek), and
… remembering the IBM PC “basica games” game about getting donkeys to cross the highway.

a foal who helped teach youngsters to drive safely

I think I see your problem.


“Too soon” be damned.

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That road safety donkeys simply aren’t that effective?

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I pity the foal who teaches kids to drive.


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