Rob Ford: $170K/year, 11-3 working day




Hey, can’t have talent that valuable leaving for the private sector, now can we?


When I hear about someone’s “working day” like this I usually consider it the way I do the assumption that teachers only work nine months out of the year, or that they only work when the students are at school. That is I assume people in the public sector may have short “working hours”, but the actual amount of time they spend working is far beyond those hours, unless I have evidence to the contrary.

In Ford’s case there’s ample evidence to the contrary.


While I see the objection to Ford as being a rather shady character who apparently hangs out with known criminals, complaining that he makes 170k is a bit silly. Yes, more than me, but that’s really not that much money - frankly I’d expected he made millions.


The median FAMILY income in Canada is 76,000$. The fact that someone can “work” 4 hour days, drunk, smoke a little crack when off work, and make 170k+ off the taxpayers is pretty damn ridiculous.


I used to work 11-3 every day. I was fiddling my time-sheets, obviously, but it was fucking brilliant.


FWIW, I wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn about either his work hours or his recreational intake, IF he actually got his job done. You shouldn’t, either (care).


I’ve never seen the point of arguments that compare the salary of position X to the medium income - that’s apples and oranges given that most of those people aren’t running a city of millions. The real question is whether 170k is high enough to attract people you want to the position given even the best politicians tend to get every bit of their dirty laundry exposed when the same people could make more in anonymity. So you get people like Ford who apparently don’t care if people think he’s a monster instead.


$170K seems like a pretty reasonable salary for a mayor of major city. Not a reasonable salary for Rob Ford, but what are they supposed to do, pay shitty mayors less?


Maybe if our politicians only worked four hour days they’d have less time to fuck everything up.


When he decides to retire, I would like to apply for the job. Not sure if my citizenship would be an issue, but I boast many of the same skills as the esteemed mayor.


There’s a simple solution: CORY DOCTOROW FOR MAYOR!


Mayor Risible Goggleface. HAH!


I would be the last person in the world to defend this guy, but in all honesty: I would have expected another zero on this figure. I really can’t work up any outrage about the mayor of a major intl. city pulling in a really low 6 figure paycheck. Okay. That seems fine.


Well, what’d you expect? All that bumbling isn’t going to fuck itself.


Are you kidding? 170K? For running an entire city? When CEOs of not very large companies make millions? Granted someone like Ford probably gets bribes and kickbacks under the table to sweeten the deal.


Well, that $170k/year of taxpayer money for doing what is looking more and more like the exact opposite of his job…

And given the way things are going, I’m half expecting bribery allegations or the like… or would be if he seemed competent enough to be able to earn bribes.


The salary for the mayor of NYC is $225k; Chicago is $216k; LA is $232k.

Ford’s salary is not out of line for a large city, I suppose.


Unless he only works 4 hours a day, five days a week, and doesn’t actually do his job.


Do we know if he even shows up five days? Sounds a little too strenuous for the Baron.