Rob Ford diagnosed with rare cancer affecting fat cells


a rare form of cancer that grows in fat cells in deep soft tissue.

So… you’re saying it’s his brain?</obligatory snide remark>


Poor chap. Don’t like him much, but I feel the heat - I’ve had a few lipomas (anyone got a cure?!) checked out periodically for ‘activity’.


Yep. Even for laughable bumblefucks like him, fuck cancer.


Rob Ford may be an excreble excuse for a human being, much less a mayor, but do we really need to phrase this news in such a way as to backhandedly mock him for his weight?

The shorter headline "Rob Ford diagnosed with rare cancer" is perfectly adequate and appropriate for conveying the core of this development. The only reason I can see to include the snippet about fat cells at the end is to invoke weight shaming, since the kind of cancer he has isn’t terribly relevant to anything.


As much as I want to joke*, I think it’s time to treat Rob Ford like Craig Ferguson treated Britney Spears. He’s in a world of humiliating, ironical hurt of every kind of addiction. His biology is doing everything it can to kill him slowly. If he dies, the jokes will be a shameful memory for everybody who made fun of him. *[And really, the Rob Ford jokes pretty much do themselves at this point. So as much as I thought I could lampshade this joke and make myself feel better about it… I’m just going to desnarkify this post. Sorry.]


I wanted to think kind thoughts to that jerk for once, because no one would wish cancer on anyone, but then I read this:

“Ford, who withdrew from the mayoral election on Friday, was hospitalized a week ago. He is now a council candidate in Ward 2 (Etobicoke North).”

He was hospitalized with a cancer diagnosis, thought about it for a few days, then filed papers for a different political position at the same time as he stepped down from being mayor…and only now is the public being told why.



Not sure if actual news or fat joke.

The cancer diagnosis only came down on Monday (as the first biopsy was inconclusive), he enrolled in the ward 2 race before that.

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Thanks for that clarification.

Still, he knew he’d had a biopsy, and was in considerable pain. It was enough to make him step down from his job. And campaigning for a new political position isn’t generally thought of as easy work.

sad, but this guy lives such a completely insane life, he could at least turn the party-knob down one or two clicks… its hard to feel bad for him :unamused:

Cancer seems so random, but in this case it did manage to hit the broad side of a barn.


I don’t wish ill on anyone, including Rob Ford. Though i can’t say i feel too sorry for him if we’re being honest.

It will be for him. He could very likely be hospitalized for the entire rest of the campaign and win in Ward 2. It is where the core of his support is. They didn’t turn their back on him when he proved himself an ineffective mayor, when his integrity was questioned, when he admitted to smoking crack or when he went into rehab. I very much doubt they would let something like a rare aggressive cancer stop them for voting for him.

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I do feel a bit bad for him. That’s an ugly diagnosis, and he’s going to have a rough time ahead.

OTOH, things I learned today: I really wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone.


Sadly, very true.

i wouldn’t wish that one anyone :frowning:

while it was fun to laugh along with his crazy crazy crazy antics, the truth is this man has been suffering from many kinds of addictions, and the people he has represented have suffered as well. his life has been a train wreck for some time. It is sometimes hard to remember that there is a human behind the buffoon.


In fairness, it was already generally known that Ford had some sort of tumor. So the only possible “new” headline was one identifying just what kind of tumor it was.

Stress can lead to unhealthy behaviours
Stressful situations can sometimes encourage unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, overeating or heavy drinking. We know that these behaviours can lead to ______ so in this way, stress could indirectly increase your ______ risk.

“Generally known” is a strange term.

I had no notion of Rob Ford’s state of health, aside from the obvious ravages of substance abuse and some guesses as to his mental state. Is that evidence against your claim? Or am I an outlier, somehow outside of the “generality” which you claim is already informed? How would I know? How would you know?

But putting aside that somewhat hard to answer question, my point about fat shaming the man still stands.

If, as you suggest, the intent here truly was to report upon the particular type of cancer Mr. Ford suffers from, why the focus on fat? Why not use different phrasing or terms? Why not have the headline simply read, “Rob Ford diagnosed with Liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer”?

Or if you absolutely feel the need to bring up the exact nature of the tissue the cancer occurs in (although I have trouble imagining why you’d need to be that specific unless you’re trying to imply something) why not describe the cancer as “affecting connective tissue”, or “affecting adipose tissue”, or being “lipid based”?

Maybe I’m reading more into this than there really is, but the weirdly specific information seemed slightly out of place in a way that suggested to my mind a particular subtle mocking motive. Perhaps my intuition is wrong, however - it would not be the first, nor last time.

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