Rob Ford excuses, uttered by a child


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That little shit needs a good smacking.
You know who i mean.


Please, he does crack, not smack.

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So, the operative lesson here is that the pipe did the crack, not Mr. Ford?

But yeah, politician weasel-speak is patently ridiculous, and it’s amazing that anyone at all even begins to give it any weight.

I had to check out the actual Rob Ford interview to figure out how “the ball did the crack” correlated. Rob Ford admitted that he did (past, implying a single event) crack, but objects to being asked if he does (current/recurring, and as Rob Ford implies that it implies, addiction) crack. He finally answered “do you smoke crack?” with “Yes, I have smoked crack”, but has everybody really been asking/accusing him only of smoking crack (present tense), and not of having smoked crack (past tense)?

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