Robert Hulseman, creator of the Red Solo Cup, RIP


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Does he get put on the Sgt Pepper album cover or does the cup?


Every Keg Beer Party ever thanks you Robert Hulseman.


“Massively popular” as in “I have to pick them up off my street on Sunday morning after a football game”.


Neither have I.


I thought that guy in the back-center died about 1700 years ago.


Admiral Ackbar?

I always thought “a long time ago” was older than that but I guess it checks out.


Oh wait. Ackbar’s in the back right.

Santa Claus is dead?!?


They forgot to credit the HCWDB website.


Yeah, sorry about that.

Up on the rooftop, there arose such a clatter, and I live in a ‘stand your ground’ state, after all. Honest mistake.


Pourin’ one out for my homie.



First we lost LEIA, & now SOLO?! …
The Dark Side has been strong with 2016.
:sob: :wink:


What was the point of those conical cups? I remember plastic holders for them so you could set them down, but that was kind of a kludge. Were they that much cheaper to manufacture than flat-bottomed cups?

The only place I’ve seen them in at least 20 years is shaved ice carts.


Maybe they needed to match the building?


Put the cup, please.



Beat me to it by 15 minutes. Good job.


Mandela Effect here. In my memory, Solo cups have always been blue.


There was a great Reddit thread a while back of “European university students, what were things that surprised you coming to America for a year abroad” (or some such) – and one of the things that was recurring theme was the surprise at the ubiquity of the Red Solo Cup – apparently, it’s such a background thing in US movies/TV that Europeans had imagined it was just a cheap way to do deal with the props; but were stunned to see it existed as a real every day thing.


You exit the same way you came into this world. Solo.