Robert Mueller, Ex-FBI Chief, appointed as special counsel in Trump-Russia investigation

Makes sense. Spicer’s replacement may well be:



Yes, I read that. :slight_smile:

And it’s still just as interesting. A link to Ivanka and Jared. Another co-winky-dence.


I see what you did!


Douthat may believe that Pence and the cabinet appointees would have the integrity and character to invoke Section 4 but I’m not so confident. These are people who already willingly agreed to serve a president* with the knowledge that he’s essentially a 12-year-old boy from his level of emotional development to his understanding of history and civics to his reading comprehension ability. I doubt the results of an investigation are going to wake them up suddenly to flaws that they, along with most Americans, have known about for at least a decade.

The best we can hope for is that he does a ragequit, taking his ball and going home rather than continue leading a nation of “ungrateful losers.”



ACLU seems pretty optimistic about Mueller running this thing, so that’s a good sign.


Does it bother anyone else that Rosenstein said he was exercising his authorities, instead of his authority?

(Caring about what really matters since, like, always.)


At any other time, we would be discussing the headline for days that the President had asked the Director of the FBI to start jailing some journalists.

In this world now, that is a minor sidelight to everything else.



That’s even harder. Once the VP and Cabinet declare that the President is incapacitated, the Congress has 21 days to vote. It takes a 2/3 majority of both houses to remove him. Impeachment takes just a majority of the House (and 2/3 of the Senate).

Not bloody likely. In most of the red states, he could rape the governor’s daughter at high noon on the steps of the state capitol, and the Republican Senators from that state would still vote to retain him.


The career is over either way, unless the Trump dictatorship is confirmed. Either get voted out by the constituents or blacklisted by the Party. There’s no third alternative, although the combination is very likely.


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Yup, and so much more…


That’s a really good catch… I assume it’s some very intentional, nuanced wording for decorum’s sake. ‘My authority’ is, like, ‘I am flexing my muscles as a powerful dude’ whereas ‘my authorities’ speaks to specific, limited tools granted to him from elsewhere.


Maybe, but there were Republican legislators whose careers survived a “yes” vote on the articles of impeachment against Nixon and there were Democratic legislators whose careers survived a “yes” vote to impeach Clinton.


But… I mean… dude can talk however he likes, but that’s not how this word is commonly (ever) used.

If anyone thought Spicer was laughable and ripe for parody, Kimberly Guilfoyle will provide much, much more fodder for Saturday Night Live. With Spicer, you can tell there is a rational animal there, scurrying to escape the illogic. Not so with KG, who is 100% purebred partisan hack, going by her performance on FNC’s The Five. (Still can’t wrap my head around how she could have been married to Gavin Newsom.)


This is a simple fact. At any time, Trump can just say he’s “had it” with Kim Jong-un and commit some provocative act, crossing a line into war that he doesn’t even know he’s crossing.

And with Trump, it’s easily possible he’ll do such a thing simply to cause a distraction when his tweets are perceived to be losing their distractive firepower.


I haven’t heard her name pronounced out loud yet so I’m choosing to imagine a Jerry Lewis character saying it.


Totally, it’s definitely a turn of phrase. In an era of identity politics based upon “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”, I hope he meant it with nuance. Deferring to granted powers instead of personal chutzpah is a solid step in the right direction. Fingers crossed.

I don’t think voting to impeach Trump gets you blacklisted by the gop – plus​ they can distance themselves from his toxic atmosphere, while implying to his supporters that they “liked his style but he did step over the line, plus hey look–Pence.” Sure some of his more rabid supporters will be upset, but I don’t think impeaching Trump would politically hurt most gop senators. Whether enough of them have the courage to actually do so is another matter.