Robogenesis: the terrifying sequel to Robopocalypse


Is the writing going to be as terrible as Robopocalypse? Looks like it.

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Cheap jokes the only thing terrifying is this guy is still writing aside…

I’m glad the guy is still writing. I want him to do better. Robopocolypse was… OK it wasn’t great but had a few interesting moments. Amped…

The less I say the better unfortunately. Did not like it because for me it fell in every trope ranging from special snowflake to psycho for hire betreyal.

However this is something the author apparently wants to do. I can respect that and hopes he continues to get to do what he likes.

I just don’t like his work.

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Very generously and well said.

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I enjoyed it, but then I enjoyed Robopocalypse. Looking forward to reading this sequel. I’m not much of a judge of “writing quality”, as long as there’s a story there that I find interesting and the writing doesn’t get in the way, that’s good enough for me.

Robopocalypse was terrible!

Go ahead, double dog dare me to read it.

So many better books out there.

I was disappointed in Robopocalypse when I read it - the whole thing felt by the numbers, and with his statement that he had “DreamWorks looking over my shoulder” I know why: it reminded me too much of a third-person World War Z.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that I’ll bother with this sequel because of that.

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Anyone have any idea if he had anyone looking over his shoulder on amped? Look I apologize? I don’t want to dog the guy by an implant you can’t switch off? Obvious crazy for hire? Special snowflake guy with super special one of a kind mcguffin wetware?

The problem is there are some genuinely interesting bits in there but for me it felt like too little connected with too much that punched me out of immersion.

Having said that I will probably give it a skim just in case it’s a case of his work improving. From what I’ve seen of the sample I doubt it, but I have read the inheritance cycle twilight and a bunch of trash romance novels just on the off chance its hype backlash.

Even though I don’t especially like the guy’s fiction it isn’t the worst out there by a long shot.

I was going to ask if anyone read Robopocalypse, and if was actually good. Cory gushed over it, but his description (and the awful title) made it sound like a cheap Terminator ripoff.

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