Robot opens door


Terrifying. They initially seem quite easily defeated but as the episode goes on you realise they are proper little swiss army death machines.


Told her that Black Mirror episode was fanciful.


That guy was later found dead with a 2D barcode saying “10000kg” stuck to his face.


Its his manic cycle. Just come back in five minutes. Robot is cowering under a desk, refusing to move.


Needs a speaker that says “Stop resisting!” on autorepeat.




I guess boston robotics have still to go through the door themselves
but don’t get me wrong guys …do you need several limbs to get a door open

edited for science

is the opposite effect happening here



My first thought too. Black Mirror Metalhead - it has surprisingly mixed ratings, but I think it’s one of the best episodes.


bad door - good video, thx for posting

the front door at SpaceX used to be a Norman door - had a nice chat with some of their engineers about it several years back, in the context of controls inside the manned capsule - you’d double-damn- well better know which way that emergency fuel cutoff switch goes


I missed launch sts119 because of a broken leaky valve supply





I’ll start to worry when robots start angrily slamming doors.


The funny thing is a a kid in Europe in the 60s I didn’t see these round doorknobs until we came to Canada.
All the door handles were the handle type, so kids, dogs, handicapped people, and those just carrying stuff in both hand could easily open them. British Columbia where I live now, introduced some building guidelines in the last couple of years that required new buildings to use the handle type door handles. It got a lot of people in a huff, but honestly it really is much more user friendly.


Maybe the robots really are doomed…




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