Rocker Eddie Money has passed away at age 70

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Bummer man…just saw him the other night on Netflix’s Kominsky Method.


But has he really…?



My handle-bar-mustachioed first karate instructor had a mix tape of classic rock (probably not “classic” when he recorded it) that he played during pre-class warm-ups.

I can’t even see the title Two Tickets to Paradise without my body trying to involuntary begin jumping-jacks.


He’s rockin’ out in paradise tonight.


Hopefully he can get a refund on that second ticket


I live out here in the East Bay where he (at least) used to. A few people I know who crossed paths with him said he was just a super nice guy. Apparently his wedding, back at the top of his fame, was a huge rock star party, but he made sure to invite all the neighbors on his small street to it, too, because that’s just the way he was. My wife as a day camp counselor had a kid who sported a “I went to Eddie Money’s Wedding” t-shirt from time-to-time.


I, uh, saw him and his band as a warm-up a time or two…

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I hear he was quite a good realtor as well. Rest in paradise, Mr. Money.


as a kid i think i must of seen parts of “Eddie and the Cruisers”. And to this day I cannot remember which Eddie is which. Eddie Money or Eddie Wilson of Eddie and the Cruisers.


Rest old friend, and thanks for those “two tickets to paradise”.

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Here’s the Eddie for my money…


Might have been close to ten years ago, but I remember Eddie Money being in the news speaking out publically against Nazis as Nazi bikers were always showing up at festivals he was playing and displaying their flags. It was pretty much a press statement of him saying he was 100% against any sort of racism, and would leave a gig immediately if he saw any of those flags. I thought it was cool he did that, and in hindsight, he probably saw the rise of that nonsense we’ve had to deal with these past four years. RIP.


He sang the national anthem at a University of Kansas basketball that I attended a few years ago. When he finished the song, the crowd went nuts and a school official trotted out to center court and presented him with a Kansas Jayhawks shirt. He held the shirt up and the crowd went bugshit, cheering like mad. He had floor seats and every now and then between plays I would take a look to see what he was doing. Almost every time I looked, I noticed that he was sweating profusely and he was using his new souvenir t-shirt to wipe the sweat off his face.

ETA: I didn’t mean this as a dig against him. It just cracked me up. Rest In Peace, Moneyman!


yep, this is what i always think of when i think of Eddie Money. i loved this video, and him as a vampire is just hilarious somehow. he really did a great job. hooray for MTV heydey videos!


So, is that “Red Meat” cartoon in bad taste now?

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There was a brief time in which the featured song was my life’s soundtrack. But sadly, I only needed one ticket.

Eddie, REO Speedwagon and I knew the same cocaine dealer.

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My sister was a backup singer for some of his songs. She never had anything bad to say about him. From everything I’ve heard about him from various accounts he seemed like a real Mensch. A rarity in showbiz.


One of my earlier Show-Biz jobs was working as a stagehand at the newly open Concord Pavilion.
Mr. Mahoney lived fairly close, perhaps a 20-minute drive. He was fun and easy to work with and the home crowd really enjoyed him.
He has cashed his ticket to Paradise.


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