Roger Ailes dead at 77


The only thing I have to say is I’m glad he had to answer publicly for at least some of his evil ways, and was forced out at Fox before he died.


Waiting for the Westboro Baptist Church take on this one


I’ve never said this about another living human being, but frankly I hope he rots in hell. This in a man who was a misogynist racist hate-monger, who took us all on a road to hell to satisfy his personal financial gain.


One does kinda have to wonder what the country would be like right now had there never been a Fox News…



I sure can…


They’ve tried to run for the Senate here in Colorado for many elections. Glad to say they’ve always failed despite the piles of money spent.


Ah, but what did he die from? If they don’t mention, it might be how David Carradine went.


I would certainly say for worse, without hesitation. He aided and profited from the current toxic divisions we see in our political culture, for no reason other than to line his own pockets.


I like this site, never tripped over it before:


@Melizmatic - exactly. That’s exactly the point I was trying to make.


It makes for a lot of interestingly selective obituaries.

Sauron, one of the greatest of the Ainur, passed away on March 25. It had been under his tutelage that the kingdom of Númenor reached the height of its power, and even after suffering serious injury he went on to bring Mordor to a central place of influence. Besides his bold if sometimes controversial leadership, he will be remembered for his marvelous tricks like shape-shifting, practical jokes, and above all his fine skill in crafting beautiful yet functional jewelry. He had been fiercely loyal to his chosen boss, and in turn inspired a special and undying loyalty in those closest to him.

For better or worse, Sauron was one of the most influential figures in Middle-Earth politics for three ages of the sun.

That’s how so many memorials for people like this end up reading to me.


I dunno. He was a Maiar, not a Valar, so I don’t know if that would apply.

The rest seems accurate, though.


Apparently his last, dying words were:
“If… I could only… have gotten them… to wear their skirts… a little… higher…”


My thoughts on this are as follows:

  1. I’m glad the bastard is dead, I wish it hadn’t taken so long.
  2. curious timing. I guess once he was out at Faux News, Comissar trump received orders that Ailes was a liability, and needed more polonium in his diet. (baseless conspiracy theorizing, but that’s where my mind went)


“Roger would it kill you to stop harassing the women who work at Fox News?”


Yes, thank you, I should have said Maiar. But then, it probably works better as an example if I leave it with the hyperbole, right? I’m only sorry you already have a pendant.


To quote a Face Book friend, "In the spirit of if you can’t say anything nice about someone…let’s share a moment of silence over the passing of Roger Ailes’


:raising_hand_woman: Is the answer “worse”


There’s no doubt that many believed Roger Ailes to be an abusive asshole, and that the organizations he created or helped foster do not serve the causes of most. I take no issue with being glad that his death removes his remaining influence over such things (or the future in general).

I do take exception to some comments above regarding the death of others. This isn’t an appropriate venue to wish for the demise of others. Please be respectful to your fellow BBSers who may have lost loved ones.

Carry on!