Roger Stone & Jerome Corsi harassed Seth Rich's family with conspiracy lie after privately admitting hackers stole DNC emails


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These low-life pieces of shit belong behind bars.


Fingers crossed that the Mueller investigation will deliver on that.


This just confirms what fetid pieces of shit these two are. No surprise, just confirmation.


It probably will with Corsi. It looks like that toady is prepared to take the fall for Stone and Il Douche (with whom he shares a joint defense agreement) rather than enter into a plea deal. As disgusting as the ringleaders like Stone are, I have a special contempt for arse-licking henchmen like Corsi.


I still want those glasses.


As long as you can pull the look off, why not? Combined with his other “fashion statements”, Stone just looks like a cosplayer who’s trying way too hard and spending way too much money for results only he sees as successful.




Well I’m no cosplayer.
I’m just trying for the Richard Wattis-look.


Or Corb or Johnson or Pei. If you can rock the glasses like they can, more power to you. Stone can’t.


These look pretty close - Zenni Optical, $19.


No hole deep & dark enough for these scumbags. So say I.


Liked, merely for mentioning Richard Wattis.


The “political provocateurs” and their paid assistants harassed the murdered man’s mom and dad and surviving loved ones with conspiracy theories about his death, even though they knew it was all a lie.

I don’t know if they “know” anything. Their quivering, primitive, tribalistic motivations are so deep-rooted, corrupt, and corrupting: they “know” their enemies are evil, so they can impulsively convince themselves (“know”) their enemies’ various evil acts. They are people who can create a lie, see it repeated on Fox, and then cite Fox, without the slightest trace of cynicism/irony.

But they certainly are the worst, because at least the talking heads on Fox are only repeating lies. Guys like Corsi, D’Sousa, O’Keefe are the mothers of all lies.


I hope they have to share a cell for their remaining days. Passing the time spreading conspiracies about each other with the other inmates and then having to face each other after yard time ends and it’s time for lock in.


Isn’t that some sort of libel?


Unlikely. AFAIR, U.S. courts have held that the dead (or, really, their families) can’t recover for defamation (libel and slander). The legal theory behind defamation is that it’s an injury to reputation, and people who are dead have no legally recognized reputation to damage. Defamation is itself a narrow carve-out from the fundamental right to free speech, so courts are pretty stingy about expanding it.


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