Roger Stone sinks to a new low on Lindell TV, and it's an entertaining disaster (video)

Lindel TV pulled out all the stops for their logo. Wall to wall production value on display. Emphasis on value. Hopefully he didn’t pay full price for any of it.

Sure, but that this exists in any form at all - that Pillow Boy was competent enough to hire people to make even this disaster - wildly surpasses my own expectations for it (and him). I fully expected it would be something that Lindell would promise until he went broke and/or ended up in jail and it would never happen.

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There’s a lot to unpack for such a short clip. But… Did he really say “style” ?!

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I wonder what he is advising them on? To feed on themselves? He heard about ‘NWO’ and misunderstood what it means. meanwhile the only real juicy stuff is that Kenora wants to join Manitoba to get better hydro rates. And the TransCanada needs twinning.

Ha ha ha. Exactly. He’s willing to talk about anything - politics, social issues and…style.

Obviously an agent for evil on all three topics.

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There’s such a thing as Lindell TV? When is this guy going to run out of money? Why hasn’t he donated it all to PigBoy T****?

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