Ron DeSantis gets heckled into silence at a vigil for Jacksonville victims (video)

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“Your policies caused this!” someone said, referring to the governor’s ludicrous decision to loosen Florida’s gun laws

As with the rest of the GOP base, ammosexuals are only a minority of the electorate – vocal and monied, but still a small group. Everyone else knows how destructive and rooted in BS these policies are.


The first words blathered out of the maw of desantis on this ghastly event was to call the shooter “cowardly” and the whole horror as “unacceptable”. That’s just so screwy and wrong, it engenders a “yep, that’s a desantis comment”. And yes, that this murderer could legally purchase weapons of war after having had a involuntary mental health hold that just shouts: This state is run by a republican -sigh-


He stands next to but refuses to acknowledge someone who understands the issue.


He’s so freaking clueless. It’s thankfully also his best quality for not getting into the Whitehouse.


I saw a clip afterwards where the lady takes the mic and tries to calm the crowd down saying “Today isn’t the day to get political”, or something like that. I haven’t seen what happened after that. Did he continue? Did he leave? His own policies and the literal white supremacist imagery in a campaign video has encouraged and emboldened racists like this.


Given that the violence was racially motivated, the crowd could have been referring to DeSantis’ racist policies rather than his gun policies. He’s enacted so much horrible policy, it’s hard to even know what to criticize.


It’s both, of course, but this incident would have resulted in a lot less blood if the racist didn’t have access to powerful weapons courtesy of a governor who panders to gun-huggers.


On the one hand…one should be respectful of the occasion.

On the other he’s IN A POSITION TO DO SOMETHING, and deserves to be called out.


No. I’m tired of that. The time to bring up these issues is exactly when everyone’s emotions are raw. People need to be angry. People need to be more angry than they are. All of these deaths are unnecessary and entirely preventable. And time and time again, we wait to discuss things until people’s emotions aren’t so raw from the moment. And then we do absolutely nothing. So this being respectful and waiting approach is not working. So it’s time to try a different approach. Boo and heckle every one of these politicians whose policies contribute to this nonsense each and every time until something changes. Most people want gun control. Most people don’t want assault rifles so easy to obtain. But we’re getting drowned out by the voices of the gun lovers and the NRA because we want to be respectful. Fuck that.


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Shut up Desantis…

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Both helped cause this. They probably mean both.

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then he should not have shown up to fucking grandstand. He doesn’t give two shits about the people who were killed by that racist piece of shit. And yeah, you’re right that he should be called out. Someone should follow his ass around calling him out.

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It’s unfortunate no nazis got punched that day.


“Then why is there a fucking politician holding the microphone?”


And his wife looks like she’s jetting off after this to a club, WTAF? Do they not see how they look?


The occasion is the chance to tell him the truth: their blood is on his hands and he knows it.

To me there is literally nothing more important happening in this video than that occasion being realized.

“If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.”


… so, Florida’s problem is that its hate criminals are insufficiently brave and courageous :confused:


I have to disagree with councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman. DeSantis was only there to steal these peoples’ grief and use it for his own benefit. He had no justification for even being there and deserved zero respect.

His wife looks like she’s still pondering if thigh food is the same thing as Thai food.


She looks to me like just trying to find her camera so she can tilt her best angles toward it. Priorities.


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