Royal Blood's pulse-pounding track Out Of The Black is the perfect antidote to an acute case of the Mondays

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Right. Fuckin’. On.

Happy Monday.


Rock isn’t dead… just need to expand your horizons.

They play this mess live… I’ve seen it. It’s mind-blowing.

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This is a screen shot from my music player. I love me some Meshuggah.

Metal plays by its own rules, though. It’s too dark and hardcore for the mainstream…which is why I love it.

I’m more talking about finding bands that walk that tight rope of mainstream playability and real rock street cred. Kinda like Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stoneage. Both bands can fit on the radio without compromising their edge or creativity.

Ain’t no way Meshuggah is gonna fit on a top 40 next to Kendrick Lamar or Dua Lipa. Not that top 40 is the pinnacle of achievement or anything, but it does speak to how unpopular rock has become on the radio.


That’s fair, and I get what you’re saying. I would probably not be as keen on a new Meshuggah album if it was top 40… kind of like how I stopped trying to show off my iPod and MacBook 10 years ago :smiley:, well that and the fact that to get top 40 appeal, you really need to sell your soul to a whole bunch of people, and that’s where the music is supposed to come from.

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I’m a fan of certain subgenres of rock, but mostly I just favor straight-ahead rocking out. anything nasty and loud is pretty much my platonic ideal.

I have fallen behind keeping up the way I used to, but White Reaper is a semi-current band that’s put out at least 3 great albums
(edit: I switched in a different song here)

looks like this one from 2yrs ago(?) is their biggest hit. they get more polished but not in a bad way

and Rocket From the Crypt is older but severely underrated imo


Absolutely. Saw them live back in 2017, outstanding - and the latest album Typhoons is :fire::fire::fire:.


I saw them live around that time too and they make one hell of a noise for a two-piece.


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