Rubber chicken-wielding man sought after cannibal threat


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I always enjoy Florida Man’s travel stories.


First thing that came to mind was Jim “Mad Dog” Morgan who was (is?) an old school paintball player and writer who played with a rubber chicken covering his marker. It was and Autococker, which he called the Autoclucker. Good times.

Oh come on. Nobody is that hungry. I’ll bet he couldn’t even finish one arm.

Somerset is weird. In fact, the whole south-west is entertainingly crazy.


The first thing I thought was “straight from The Secret of Monkey Island”.

The headline caused a short circuit to the memory of one of my favorite Onion cover stories from back in the early 90’s (when it was just a weekly newspaper)
Beltsander-wielding hoodlum saves child from drowning


Ok, who gave the HuffBot permission to post articles?


Britain is entertainingly crazy.

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