Russian bridge collapse


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The guy at the bottom should play the lottery.


From the (translated) caption, it seems that the guy under the bridge was a railway worker and not waiting for a train. The “I almost died under that bridge” makes it sound like the guy who posted was the guy in the video. Which kind of makes sense, that he would grab his phone and quick film the CCTV off of the monitor, because you want to show what almost happened to o you rather than look for some way to get it off of the server.


Did Putin cut the bridge’s pension as well?


Why were they filming?



Seems like its a cellphone recording of a monitor outputting the video off a remote camera…

For several-times removed footage like that, that is astoundingly good quality…


More like he cut the bridge’s SUS-pension.

I’ll show myself out.


Guessing after the event… recorded replaying footage of, well, a bridge that hadn’t fallen-down before.


Overweight vehicle and a driver who feels the rules (of the road and physics) don’t apply


Just figuring out what the weight limit sign on the bridge should be.


Nope. He just spent all his luck…


Any ideas of what “The Russian Railways employee was born in a shirt!” might actually mean?


The Russian phrase родился в рубашке (rodilsya v rubashke, literally, “born in a shirt”) refers to caul birth and figuratively means “born lucky”.


Looks like whoever ordered that truck full of osmium isn’t going to get it anytime soon.


Cool, learned something new today. Thanks!

Also: Ew.


that’s got nothing on that american newly assembled bridge collapse early this year…?


Buster Keaton called. He wants his stunt back.


I doubt that one truck could carry enough mass to destroy a bridge in good condition.

And about the guy running away, I reckon he was in as much danger from the overhead wires coming down as he was from the structure. Of course breakers should have tripped by then but it depends on the cables finding a good earth for long enough.


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