Russian feminist blogger faces 5 years for "inciting hatred" against men

Yeah, but the way the term has been appropriated and circulated by those with privilege, it’s taken on a different meaning.


It doesn’t matter what you think. I’m proud of my stance for women’s rights since I could first legally vote. How many times have you called your Senator to urge them to reject Kavanugh? I have called Mike Lee at least 5-6 times even though he’ll still support Kavanaugh. I have called Oral Hatch probably 10 times although he has allowed his phone to just ring so he does not have to listen to his constituents. I’m not going to apologize for my voting record and I’ll tout it every time I want to, including in my last post on this subject. I urge you to call your Senator and tell him to reject Kavanaugh for SCOTUS. Put your actions where your keyboard is. Thanks and have a great day.

It doesn’t matter what either of us think, or has done. I also think you might have been confused about which topic of yours I was discussing.

From your earlier post…

I’m sure whatever you think I am implying is more than offset by 39 years of my voting for women’s rights, a woman’s right to choose, equal labor laws for women, etc.

To respectfully reiterate, feminism isn’t a tally of credits you get to cash in to offset misogyny.
I’m merely making a statement of fact, not opinion. It’s just not not how feminism works.


I placed the preemptive posting because many times when I post something even the slightest controversial, my post disappears and all I receive is a message stating, ‘the community’ has deemed the posting inappropriate. The last time this happened was the blog on the GOP asshole who wantonly killed an innocent dog just because he could. Several persons posted stating he may be mentally ill and to not be so harsh on him. I replied to one of those posters and stated, something to the affect of, ‘It was obvious Hitler had mental issues, should we give him a pass too?’ Next thing I know all of my posts were removed from the thread. For stating that? Then I received the chicken shit email saying ‘the community’ deemed the comment inappropriate. Really? The community? Is the community really that butt hurt because I’m making this reply? Frankly, I think it is one of the moderators who is uncomfortable with my posting and they’re hiding behind the facade of ‘the community’. I’ll admit it was mildly controversial, extremely mild if you ask me. But to completely shut it down? Isn’t a blog where persons come to communicate and throw out ideas and discuss/debate issues, especially since some of the postings here on Boing Boing are quite provocative in themselves? Or we can all be of the same mindset and just numbly keep pressing the ‘like’ button for everything. God forbid we delve into something controversial on a BLOG. Hey, at least you replied and didn’t covertly tag my posting as inappropriate. I have to write today, so I’m out of here. You have yourself a great day.

I’m not trying to offset misogyny. My only statement was that I did not know what she actually said. I don’t understand Russian, do you? I can only take away from the posted blog the information given to me. I don’t know what the hell she said. I just made a point stating that right wingers also use the excuse of just ‘making jokes’ when something controversial is said on social media. I even stated in my original post:

So, you can keep ruminating on this if you’d like. I have to write in my book today. Have a good one.



Probably some Sarah Jeong style hyperbole. If you’re not familiar, my interpretation was that rather than admit that she’s made some racist and bullying tweets but regrets them, she decided to double down and say it’s ok because she was “fighting back against harassment”. Which to me is kind of absurd… if a person of color started following me around online I wouldn’t drop an n-bomb.

Anyways, but I digress: TL;DR: the woman in the OP probably said some hyperbolic, possibly deeply offensive things ala “kill all men”. But that’s no reason to throw someone in prison.

Hm, odd you seem to have such strong views on communication, since your post comes off as a bit aggressive and harshly worded IMHO :slight_smile:

It’s important to keep in mind some people will seize the chance to tone police when they can’t attack the content of your speech.

(Yes, I realize the irony of these two paragraphs seated next to each other, heh)

That’s all interpretation. Please don’t read between the lines.

The original Morticia was soooo much better. She was sensual and beautiful. This Morticia… why did they even cast this person.

I disagree that finding something aggressive or harshly worded is “reading between the lines” - it’s based on the primary text. It is absolutely possible to convey tone through text

Yeah, text communication is hard. Most of us do the best we can, but it’s often not good enough - myself included. There’s always room for improvement though!

Tone policing is moralistic, which is not what I’m trying to do. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong tone, or that tone needs to be justified. But it’s a fact that sometimes a style of communication just isn’t working. When communication isn’t working, the inevitable question is “whose fault is it?”. Naturally the speaker will tend to blame the audience, and sometimes they’re right. But in many cases - @YetiLives included - I find that usually the speaker would have better success changing their own approach rather than trying to get the audience to change theirs.

Some people insist on communicating what they want how they want, and if you don’t get it who cares. That’s fine too. But in that case miscommunication is pretty much guaranteed, so there’s no sense in getting frustrated or angry about it.

That’s why friendships have ended over emails that they have misconstrued the words and true meaning. That’s why on blogs, when one is joking it is appropriate to us a ‘/S’ tag. Unless someone is coming straight out and obviously attacking another with obvious choice of words, interpreting anything other than the written word for it’s intended meaning only leads to further miscommunication and suspect motive.

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