Safety Tips for Living Alone by Jim Shepard


This looks pretty good, but $5.07 is pretty pricey for a 27-page book. Or am I being charged more than other people for some reason?

USD? I bought it for $1.99 this morning. Still a bit pricey – it basically is the length of a typical New Yorker feature, but was a good read over lunch.

I can’t seem to muster up any sympathy for men who’ve lived by the sword managing to die by it.

These were guys who worked on a purely defensive radar station who died because it was poorly constructed and because their bosses didn’t want to try to evacuate them until the last minute because they feared the Soviets would send in a team to study it when it was unmanned. That’s not exactly “living by the sword”.


It sort of counts. The concept of nation-states killed more people than all the non-state actor ideologies together.

Yes, USD, But I don’t live in the US. Just ran the link to the ebook through two proxy servers, one based in Germany and the other in the US:

Germany - $3.76
US - $1.99

So if you live outside the US and use Amazon, it pays to use a proxy…

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