Samsung recalls 2.8 million washing machines in US over injuries and reports of "exploding during normal use"


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Oh dear! The revolution has begun! I, for one, welcome our new GainTide overlords.


I hoped there was an appropriate “repost” gif for this subject matter, but I’ll just throw this in instead.


Maybe if Samsung made bombs they wouldn’t blow up but they’d clean cloths and make phone calls?


Great, now I can’t take my washing machine on the plane either.


Bringing new meaning to spin cycle…


How long before my Samsung tv and blu-ray player set my living room on fire?


when was the last time you checked your living room?


"Samsung Blew
My dryer out the window

Samsung Blew
My phone’s innards on my pillow"




This doesn’t look good for their head product designer:


Maybe Samsung should pivot into becoming a military hardware & munitions supplier.


This calls for a gif of Samsung washing machines being dropped out of the back of a C130.


Samsung, Enjoy It While It Lasts.



I’m expecting an updated version wherein a Galaxy Note 7 is chucked into it.


I wonder who will be acquiring Samsung next year. Is LG big enough?


Please no. I’m still reasonably satisfied with my LG products.


They used to be; but most, if not all, of their directly ‘defense’ related stuff was sold off to Hanwha Techwin.


Samsung has a lot of stuff that would be of value to anyone in the same businesses, like LG. Samsung’s processor and memory lines alone would be incredibly valuable, for example. Samsung’s phone problem resulted from the battery, as far as anyone knows. LG’s latest phone, the V20, has no such battery problem, plus it’s removable. LG has that part down. Samsung has way better screen in the Note 7 than LG does in its V20. LG is also in all the appliance businesses that Samsung is in, too.

And maybe LG would be smart enough to re-start Samsung’s NX camera line and actually commit to it.