San Francisco's most notorious strip club, The Mitchell Brothers O' Farrell Theater, closes its doors after 51 years

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One of Chrome’s early albums was actually recorded as a demo for the club, I guess for dancers to use. Which is weird considering how creepy and dark Chromes music was. Or maybe thats perfect for a strip club.


When I was wandering around San Francisco as a visitor in August 1980, I came upon this building painted in whales and dolphins (not the onky.mural like that). I mentioned it to my friend Annie, and she said it was a porn theatre, I’d not even noticed.I tooka picture because if the whales, and when I looked at it about ten years ago I noticed that there was a message up for Diane Feinstein, who was mayor in 1980.

The Great American Music Hall is on the same block.


I used to work with a guy (this was like 30 years ago) who told me a story that happened at the O’Farrell Theater I can’t repeat. This poor kid was sitting with us in the break room and his eyes were (as they say) the size of saucers.

Site of so many great shows.
Below, the greatest intro ever. I don’t know how they timed it so perfect.

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She was an anti porn activist in those days. The O’Farrell posted her phone number and the phrase “For a good time call…”


I went there for my bachelor party 15 years ago. It was memorable, to say the least. I honestly just wanted “nekid wemin” but it was absolutely much more than I expected. I was a good boy, but the things I could have done, the temptations offered… my oh my…

SF has been losing its grit and seedy charm for the past 20 years. It’s headed towards being just another clean little city with high rents and big businesses.


When I worked at KQAK around the corner I made it my job to rescue any guest musicians that did not want to get dragged over there by the program director. Poor Jools Holland looked so uncomfortable before I helped him escape during the walk over and took him back to his hotel instead.


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