Sandy Hook families offer Alex Jones settlement deal of 6% what he owes them

Originally published at: Sandy Hook families offer Alex Jones settlement deal of 6% what he owes them | Boing Boing


Don’t offer him shit. A guy like him being hung by the balls is priceless.


I’m guessing that the families would very much like to not have to keep going back and court for the rest of their lives and would love to be able to move on?


I do think this is their main reason for the offer but I really do hope some outside sponsors would be willing to put up the cash for the family’s legal defenses


How would that help the pain of having to relive this shit yet again? I’m guessing that many just want it to be over, as I said. :woman_shrugging:


Wow, Alex Jones somehow found lawyers who make Saul Goodman look good by comparison.


If he takes the deal, I hope it involves an independent auditor monitoring every dime of his cash flow. Otherwise the petty lying sleazeball is going to hide some of it just to get back at these poor people and to continue his poison-spewing enterprise.


Did he or will he ever have to apologize and promise not to be a liying piece of shit ever again?


I’ve often wondered how many lawsuits get negotiated down for an immediate pay out to drop years of appeals.

I know I would negotiate to get a settlement I could use in my lifetime.

These families must be really tired and want to move on.

It would be nice to see Jones get put out of business but it’s their lives and they get to decide how to move on and how to punish Jones.

Hopefully they can accomplish getting all of his money in a timely fashion and put him out of business.


That would be the best outcome for all of humanity. The sooner, the better.


Jones’ lawyers complained that the offer ruined their Thanksgiving

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On the contrary, he will present this as a win, claiming he paid a trivial sum to make a frivolous lawsuit go away. Then he will go on to be an even smellier piece of shit.

That’s not to say the families should not have made the offer. As @Mindysan33 said, it’s understandable that they would not want to face the heartbreak again every day of their lives.


It’s like Musk going to Israel, not apologizing for endorsing an Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and then declaring victory and case closed. No-one except other scumbags buys it, but it’s part of the thrill for these sickos.


It’s not just that. While his fanbase has some die-hard believers who think he’ll eventually get out of this, a certain percentage will be inclined to believe that, whether they think he was wrong/guilty or not, the courts are going to “make” him lose in order to silence him. That group isn’t going to buy his products or send him money if they think it’s not going to help and will just go to the families. If he can declare victory and make it clear that a good chunk of the money will go to him, they’ll be back on board.

Hell, the way this offer appears to be structured, it might increase his revenue, since he’ll be able to tell his marks that they need to get him over $9 million a year so his show can stay on the air, and every dollar only counts for half as much, so you’ve gotta buy even more of the supplements. It’s likely that it was structured in this way for exactly that reason, because it makes him more likely to accept the offer. If the offer went the other way and took his income over a certain amount, the grift is a lot harder.


As I understand it, from the excellent podcast Knowledge Fight, at least one of the victims is in dire need of money for healthcare.


Ahh, Knowledge Fight, the podcast that made listening to depositions something to look forward to.


Lemme guess, Jones is going to counter-sue for his holiday being ruined.



I read that as he has to pay half of anything over $9 million, so the more he makes, the more he has to pay.


The reporting says he would have to pay $8.5 million a year, and then 50% of any income over $9 million. So if he makes $8.5 million or less in a year, he’s in the hole. After that, he can have half a million free and clear, and gets 50% of anything above that.

My point is there’s no penalty scaling or upper bound on his earnings; every extra dollar over $8.5 million is a net benefit to him, as opposed to a structure which increased the haircut as Jones’s income increased. Under the latter structure, you get to the point where Jones’s fanbase is no longer incentivized to buy stuff from him, because the money isn’t going to him anymore. Under this deal, it is in Jones’s best interest that he makes as much money as possible, because he keeps a greater percentage of total income the more he makes. That’s a story he can sell to his marks.

The perverse part is that, given that Infowars makes well over $8.5 million a year, this also means it’s in the families’ best interests that he makes as much money as possible, when I’m sure the ideal for most of them would be that he’s out of business and can never become wealthy again.


Keep posting about his “losses”, sure, but he still hasn’t paid a penny, still has his podcast on multiple platforms, spewing lies and hate. Plenty of sponsors.

He can do this forever. And he thinks it even adds to his brand. And he may be right.