Sarah Palin to interview Donald Trump


I came here to call this a singularity of stupid, and see the first post had beat me to it :frowning:


“He who warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells, and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.”

The Palinista


You know, you are on to something. Sarah Palin is the new Marcel Duchamp.


It’s amazing how softballs are considered “Gotcha” questions. That actually says more than their inability to answer the question.


You’ve got to support Israel because you can’t have the end times without it. But you don’t need to support the Jews in America - they’re way too progressive. Except for Sheldon Adelson, he’s cool.

Seriously, American Jews and Israelis are different. In the 2012 election:
American Jewish: Barack Obama 69%, Mitt Romney 30%
Israelis: Mitt Romney 57%, Barack Obama 22%


Yeah, she’s a real rogue! She’s like the next Jello Biafra!


Stay out of your Bible? Darlin’, you don’t read yours, because you should never have been a running mate or even a Governor. That should have been your husband, and you should have been back home silently cutting the crust off of Todd’s sandwiches while he teaches the Bible to you when he’s not too busy being the politician. Know your Biblical role.

Or more to the point, you can’t court the Christian right, and not expect to have your bluff called in a debate.

Can’t have it both ways, Ms. Palin.


That’s probably the smartest thing she’s ever said.


If anyone was really worried about the short-fingered vulgarian getting elected, having the Quitter latch onto him is great news.


How about “Biden-Stewart 2016: John and Joe’s Excellent Adventure”

Huffing Boing Boing

Not to get further off-topic, but a Russian friend of mine, who has cousins who live in Israel, reports much the same thing in the Israeli Russian jewish community (newer immigrants anyway). Her cousins refuse to learn either Hebrew or English, aren’t particularly religious, and are often some of the loudest in complaining about their Arab Israeli neighbors and in supporting policies that will continue to expand into the West Bank. Lieberman’s ultra-right wing party counts on Russian Jews as a core constituency, according to her.




Here, knock yourself out:


oh well… weird mine wasn’t as well, as now it seems weird and off topic!


Yuckity sex is precisely what I witnessed in that ridiculous vid. A stream of softballs and compliments like that sure isn’t much of an actual interview.


stream of softballs! That sounds like very yuckity sex indeed.


Poor Palin probably still could not answer questions were they given to her ahead of time. Even if she had the opportunity to google every media question in advance the internet would lead her straight to the same nutbar answers she provides un-coached.

I imagine most halfway competent conspiracy theorists could easily make whatever they believe into what she believes in just a single conversation.


“Truth Talker?”

“Failed Hair Whisperer” would be a better caption there.


The quote, Mrs. Palin, actually, is “It’s the economy, stupid…”. Is the word “stupid” too much for Real Americans ( :tm: )?

Humility. They’re humble, undercurrent problem b/c vets don’t complain. Now she says he “schooled” someone… :hand:

Just stop right there. That’s enough for me. I’m amazed 1) she was a governer, 2) she’s had children who are having children, 3) anyone could think she is capable of governing the country. The mind boggles. And the same goes for Knuckledragger, too, except for #1.

And having watched that video, I’m thinking Trump will sew up the narcissistic sociopath vote.

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