Sarah Sanders now requiring applicants for Arkansas state boards to write out what they admire about her

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Are the applications public record? Because that raises some interesting possibilities.


“What I admire about Sarah Sanders is that she is so egregious.”



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I admire that she was able to get elected governor despite the fact that she is a lying sack of turd blossoms. Worst press secretary ever, I admire that as well. I also admire that she rode her daddy’s coattails into government office just like a good little nepotism baby.


I really hope Michelle Wolf fills out an application.


I admire her manifest self-confidence, which needs no external validation.


Gall-lovers should have no problem.


That she’s avoided the “swimming the witch”?

That sounds like an idea she took directly from one of her old boss’ cabinet meetings. only in that room you actually did have to answer the question.


“Top 10 Trump fellator!”


When most Republicans talk about banana republics, they’re thinking of the clothing store.


I admire how she won the ovarian lottery in a really big way…?

Got my application in. Fingers crossed!

To My Coy Governor

Had we but public station enough and time,
This coyness, governor, were no crime.
We would sit down, and think which way
To govern, and pass our long legislative day.
Thou by the Mississippi’s tide
Should amber and diamond find; I by the side
Of the Ozarks would complain. I would
Work ten years before the flood,
And should, if you please, refuse
Until the conversion of those of alternate views.
My cis respect should grow
Vaster than marvelous old Mar-A-Lago;
An hundred terms should go to praise
Thine skills, and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore the state crest,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every state’s part,
And the last age should show thine governing heart.
For Governor, you deserve this fate,
Nor would I praise at a lower rate.


An extreme sense of humility?


What I admire the most is that her eyeballs can focus on two different reporters at the same time while lying in response to their questions.


“Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders now requiring applicants for state boards to write out what they admire about her”

This is definitely against the torture provisions of the Geneva Convention.


Her greatest accomplishment is that her name has cachet value among the ignorant.

EDIT: Also, the ability to withstand public humiliation.


Many years ago, a younger engineer in our department asked some of us to provide him letters of reference. He had decided to move on from our company… something we were not unhappy about. Lazy, ineffective, universally unpleasant, unteachable, and best at slowing down work in his area and in other’s areas as well, he (by that time about to head into his third year with us) could not be mistaken for an engineer at any level. A few of us got together and suggested to him that we pen one letter and that containing our names and contact info. He seemed very happy with that, but I doubt as happy as three other engineers and me when we started working on the letter. It was written in a passive voice and used every weasel word and term we could come up with, and at no time did it clearly state that he was hard-working and competent and could be trusted in that respect. The letter was a Machiavellian masterpiece of duplicitous inexactitude and stealthy bullshit, and was fun, fun, fun to write. The product of four avenging minds on a mission and the one and only time I ever had to resort to anything like that. Anyway, he read it, smiled, and cheerfully thanked us. Mission accomplished. We figured that if no one at his next employment was diligent enough to catch the whiff of hot steamy shit, then they perhaps all deserved each other. Note: Amongst ourselves it was agreed that if any of us were contacted by his prospects, we would be tactfully truthful and explain the problem he had placed into our laps when he requested the letter. So, why didn’t we just beg off writing the reference? Because he would have wanted an explanation, and that only would have resulted in continual face-to-face interactions with him.