Sassy Trump apologizes


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Just when I was getting tired of these, he takes it to the next level!


tired of these



Rumor mill says that the campaign wanted Melania to publicly stand by his side in this video as the “understanding wife” prop that’s become a standard in these kinds of scandals, but she wanted none of it.

I honestly think we’re likely to see Melania seek a separation, if not a divorce, soon after this circus is over.


No problem! Trump will just demonstrate to the court he is indigent, pay no alimony, and marry the babysitter.


That seems out of character for him. You FUCK the babysitter, you don’t MARRY them. That’s what mail-order models are for.


Wait, he’s got a babysitter who’s not a model? How did that happen?


She’s 36 now, so she missed the “Trump dating age acceptability” window.



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