Saudi history textbook features photo of King Faisal chilling with Yoda


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Is this sanity creeping in?


When I think of the House of Saud it’s Jabba the Hutt who comes to mind.


Not even a mention of the fact that Obi Wan (Sir Alec Guinness) played King/Prince Faisal in the movie?


I find this story charming.

Surely Jabba should be paired with Trump?


This being Saudi Arabia, I’m guessing that someone is going to receive a sentence of 1000 lashes.


Jabba serves well as a universal icon for gross and greedy gangsters. For some reason media figures of that ilk also sometimes bear a physical resemblance to Jabba – see the late Roger Ailes and the not-late-enough Rush Limbaugh.


Perhaps this would be a more appropriate pairing.


If I am ever with dictatorial powers and/or a monarch you can expect similar things from me.


That is a weird coincidence. It really threw me off when I first watched the movie (Lawrence) especially because he was, you know, young looking. Relatively, at least. Now it would’ve really come full circle if we had Faisal hanging out with Alec Guinness, wonder if that picture exists.


Heads will roll for this.


There seems to be a strange connection between Frank Oz puppets and famous Saudi men…


Dammit, man!


Which is why you use a proper stock photo library and pay for it instead of just grabbing the first result on Google Images.


Which, by an odd coincidence, is probably also what a Saudi artist would say if his real motive had been to make King Faisal look like a big old boob.

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