Saudi prince arrested by police after attempted rape

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Diplomatic immunity…


Where’s the mug shot? Aren’t those always available?




I’d laugh, except the dude tried to violently rape someone. Also, the house of Saud is about as classy, if not classier than Donald Trump. Using the same definition of classy that Trump does, of course.


The ego,(or insecurity)
Trump has a tower
But the Saudis changed the formerly Ottoman province of Arabia,
a nation state,
to Saudi -fucking- Arabia

Amost as nutty as Persian Shahs changing the name in 1935 to Iran so everyone including the WW-II Germans would know they were of Aryan stock too, and they never changed it back. “At the suggestion of the Persian Legation in Berlin, the Tehran government, on the Persian New Year, Nowruz, March 21, 1935, substituted Iran for Persia as the official name of the country.”


Wow, did not know that about Iran.


Yea, it sounds like it was as much about Reza Shahs solidarity with the up and coming Turd Reich as it was a not so subtle way to say, hey whit blonde blue eye Nordic dudes… Aryans are actually from south Asia.
Still weird that after the Anglo-Soviet invasion the Shah some of us still remember, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, never changed the name back. Though the historical association and alliance with the Axis doesn’t have the same untouchable moral stain elsewhere that it has in Europe and the Anglosphere. There is also the explanation that the name Persia only represents the Fars provence home of the ruling majority.


Why doesn’t the article call rape rape? BoingBoing as well - sex crime?


I went ahead and took the liberty of fixing the kid-gloved title. The simple word everyone knows for “forced sex act” is rape after all.


You’ll have to explain this word to me… I can’t seem to find a relevant page that defines it… Is it something to do with “basilica”?

I didn’t know if maybe somebody didn’t want to offend a Saudi prince…

We make fun of our own president… Why should someone who lives in a completely different culture a few thousand miles away be off limits? Especially one who profits by using the illegitimate authority structure of lies that is religion? A guy who’s self-image is that they have so much power and money, that they can do anything they want and nobody’d even try to make them feel bad about what they did to hurt other people?


Side note: on a college campus I saw a poster that said “Sex without consent is sexual assault.” And I was both glad the college was attempting to address the issue and saddened by the fact that college kids needed to at least be reminded of the staggeringly obvious.


A monarchy is a government by one person, e.g. a king or a dictator. An oligarchy is a government by a small fraction of the population, e.g. the Venetian republic (though the UK is close to being an oligarchy.) The Greek for king or prince is basileus, so a basilarchy is a government by one or more kings and princes. Saudi Arabia is just such a system, with a number of princes at the top all seemingly controlling different parts of the State and with an elderly king who is not really an absolute ruler. I agree it is a technical term which on reflection I haven’t seen outside the academic press.

The term “diadochi” was used to describe the kings generals around Alexander who destroyed his empire after his death by squabbling, and has also been used by some historians to describe Hitler’s court, who also had their private empires (like the SS and the Luftwaffe). But I’ve never seen it used as a term for a system of government.

No, I realised that my post was very inadequate as I wasn’t considering the effect of the oil price war currently going on in which Saudi Arabia is trying to bring down the US fracking industry and Russia with price cuts. That one is complicated; the US government likes cheap oil because (a) the US consumer feels better off and (b) the longer the US keeps its own gas reserves, the more it will benefit when other countries run out of oil. In the long run it may be best to let Saudi exhaust itself as this will reduce its regional influence.


I apologize in advance, again.

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Does one really expect that the US will put a saudi prince into a cell when even the whole 9/11 and ISIL shebang was no biggie between two oil-buddies…

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There are a lot of Saudi princes, and apparently this one doesn’t have immunity, so he’s from the wrong side of the family, or something.


The strings just haven’t been pulled yet.

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