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I keed - I keed!


Are you implying that only 'hipster douche-bro’s vape?



Does anyone know of any kits that offer dry herb, wax and oils along with an attachment for E Liquids that offers some level of adjustment to the wattage and voltage?

I have sinus problems - even after getting surgery done a few weeks ago. I got really excited when I saw an ad for a “personal vaporizer” on TV because I’d been looking for a tabletop model (as opposed to a whole room humidifier) to help with the sinus pain. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be one of these gadgets instead.


Implying? I thought I was pretty blunt.

Though not all douche bags are hipsters, and not all hipsters vape.

And not all vapers are hipsters or douche-bros…



Like one of those steam vaporizers for children but with a facemask attached to it?* Seems they’re “Facial Saunas” or something. Although that did give me this which might be more suitable for slasher-movies.

Bowl of hot water, a towel and a few eucalyptus leaves normally does for me, but it would be nice have something less spilly and more efficient.

*Because sometimes I suppose you don’t need to steam-vaporize a whole child.

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Aw, you noticed my exclusion.

In all seriousness I don’t really care. But there are some people who are just waaaaaaay too into it.

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An Aspire spinner battery. Costs about £15-20 over here, dunno about the States, but I can’t see it being much more. That’s high St. retail as well; be much cheaper online.

I bought one of these the last time it was on here and it stopped working within a couple days. All sales are final so buyer beware. Also the E Liquid chambers have a limited life. Depending on use it is 1-3 weeks. If you can find a replacement, as these have been discontinued, they cost $20-30.

I’ve discovered a way to save 100% of the cost of this premium vaporizer bundle.


I looked at their website and I could not locate the exact model you mentioned, but I did get some insight into trying to solve this issue.

I think I am going to just have to break down and have two devices in order to have a device that does what I want it to do well.

It’s more of a generic term, really. Aspire brand their batteries for lots of people, and most of the vape shops carry their stuff, over here in the UK at least. I just use it to stay off the tabs, so I’ve no idea if they’re suitable for anything else, but they’re the cheapest adjustable pen batteries. When I did smoke dope, I made myself a little pipe out of coax connectors with a piece of brass tubing as the combustion chamber, with gauze at both ends, so no flame got through, just heat when you lit it, bit like a davy lamp. It made hash taste lovely, and was big enough to share it about, and was a really nice one-hitter for weed too. Not as subtle as a vape pen, but I never got my collar felt, even smoking it in the bogs on the train.

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